Bigg Boss 17 22nd January 2024 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 22nd January 2024 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 22nd January 2024 episode starts with the press conference continuing and the contestants facing heated questions from the reporters.

Before the press conference starts, Ankita and Mannara talk to each other about Vicky's romantic side and how he fails to express herself while the boys laugh among themselves as they see that shocking scene.

The conference starts with questions put against the contestants where some of the important ones turn the atmosphere into a heated one.

Ankita clarifies that she does indeed not like Vicky's bond with Mannara after which Mannara says that she has never tried to poke Ankita intentionally.

Munawar tells the reporter that Ankita's views about him have changed with their relationship as she is the one who has been sure that both of them are confirmed finalists.

Ankita expresses her problem with Mannara and tells everyone that she has been intentionally dragged into Mannara's dirty game after she decided to use Vicky for public attention.

Vicky and Ankita face the question regarding their fights being scripted as said by Abishek after which they state that every married couple fight with each other which is an organic component.

Munawar states that he has been affected deeply because of his private life which has come in front of the public but he will never blame another person if he fails to win the show.

Abhishek apologizes for the way he and Isha have highlighted their relationship in front of the audience but assures that he has been trying to control and rectify himself in this final stage of the show.

Mannara gets accused of character assassination and Ankita jumps in to say that Mannara speaks very ill about the people she fights with while Mannara reminds Ankita about the words she has spoken against others.

Abhishek faces the issue of him making fun of Khanzaadi's mental state while his situation blew up in front of the viewers to which Abhishek says that he has felt very low during the breakdown due to the mental issues and his comments on Khanzaadi were not intentional.

Vicky is alleged to be a red flag and he says that he has always tried to keep things clear between him and Ankita about their marriage and relationship.

Ankita constantly brings up the topic of Mannara taunting her by talking to Vicky while Mannara says that she will not talk to Vicky from now on as it is causing such a huge fuss.

A reporter tags Abhishek as a "women cheater" and Munawar as a "women beater" and questions them for being deserving of the finale platform to which Munawar replies that celebrities always have some scandals surrounding their lives which form the core of the masala surrounding the show.

Ankita faces allegations of hypocrisy from her side for passing comments on others' character to which she says that she might have said such things because of anger.

Vicky states that all people have a copy of calculations in their lives when his comments for Ankita get highlighted and Vicky calling Mannara "sexy" comes forward after which Bigg Boss wraps up the press conference.

Mannara clears up the entire issue with Ankita and tells her that she has never talked to Vicky with the intention of poking her after which Ankita hugs Mannara with a sorry from her side.

Vicky, Abhishek, and Munawar discuss how they got slandered by the media and Vicky promises that he is not going near Mannara again.

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