Bigg Boss 17 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 23rd October 2023 episode 9 (Day 8) starts with all the housemates waking up and dancing their laziness in the garden area by singing the BB anthem.

Meanwhile, Firoza Khan Aka Khaanzadi is in the bathroom, telling Munawar that he has got brains while he states that everyone in the house has brains.

After Munawar leaves, Firoza says that Munawar is a "Chuchandar".

Bigg Boss Promotes Favouritism

In the garden area, Munawar jumps into the pool after Firoza irritates him and goes to Abhishek, saying Munawar jumped in the pool as she just smiled at him.

In the kitchen, Firoza is kneading a dough and starts fighting with Ankita Lokhande but Jigna Ji tells Firoza that if she wants to fight, she may step out of the kitchen.

In the meantime, Abhishek instigates Munawar saying he is playing very safe as he nominated him and afterwards, tries to play brotherhood with him.

Outside, Anurag is seen talking about how Bigg Boss is openly promoting favouritism in the house so what is the point of them staying here? 

Later, Ankita talks with Mannara saying that their bond should not be affected due to Isha as she has separate bonds with both of them.

Bigg Boss who has been observing Anurag asks him to sit in the "Mohalla Chawl" as he will get the footage he has been waiting for.

Bigg Boss begins to school Anurag saying he has 17 years of experience in this game and his sulking game has ruined everyone's game. 

Further, he needs to stop this topic as if his daily life is interesting, then even Bigg Boss cannot stop the cameras from rolling on Anurag.

After BB is finished, everyone tries to tell Anurag that his mood will cheer up soon while Munawar talks with one of the cameras saying his announcement has energized him plenty.

Neil unexpectedly lashes out at everyone

After some time, Mannara impresses Munawar by preparing a raw rap for him while Munawar appreciates her efforts.

Munawar spots Anurag crying miserably while missing his mother leading Munawar to break down in tears as he realises the absence of his mother in his life.

Later, Vicky and Ankita mock Firoza along with Munawar as she refuses to help with any household chores while Abhishek lashes out at Munawar, calling him a double standard person.

He gets aggressive and raises his voice, telling Munawar not to even dare to mock his profession to which Munawar agrees and brushes off the topic.

Elsewhere, Vicky tries to convince Ankita to solve her issues with Aishwarya as she's the one who's getting wrongly portrayed but Ankita refuses to agree with him.

Rinku informs everyone that she's resigning from the kitchen duty while Munawar and Vicky step up and take the kitchen duty all three times.

Ankita yells at Vicky as she feels ignored every time from her end when Vicky asks her the solution to please her.

Just then, Neil lashes out at everyone as he is trying to make a point but everyone keeps ignoring him.

Vicky feels like Ankita's servant 

At night, Ankita expresses how ignored she's feeling by Vicky while he tells her that he's a competitive guy and cannot take the game for granted.

He taunts Ankita for trying to treat him like her servant which pisses off Ankita and she refuses leading Vicky to walk out of the room.

Meanwhile, Aishwarya questions Mannara about her relationship with Munawar when Mannara tells her that she considers him a friend.

Abhishek gets ignored by everyone

The next day, Sunny and Arun mock Ankita as she feels like quitting the Bigg Boss when Sunny calls it a drama as she needs some footage.

Further, Vicky and Ankita get into a heated argument when Ankita breaks down in tears as she feels lonely while Vicky feels disappointed.

Sonia calls Abhishek, asking him to complete his duty but he refuses which triggers Sunny and Arun's anger leading them to abuse Abhishek while he keeps instigating them.

However, Sunny throws something at Abhi to hit him while the contestants ask him to be patient as it may lead to his elimination.

Later, everyone gathers in the hall when Bigg Boss tells them not to have a one-on-one conversation with Abhi or else they'll be punished as Bigg Boss calls him a disruptive contestant.

After some time, Vicky and Ankita hug out their matter and sit with everyone when they mock Munawar and Mannara for having similar names.

End of today's Bigg Boss 17 23rd October 2023 episode.

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