Bigg Boss 17 24th January 2024 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 24th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 24th January 2024 episode starts with Mannara comforting Ankita as she continues to cry while thinking about Vicky.

The Top 5 contestants start their new day with the wake-up call after which Mannara is seen preparing food for everyone.

Mannara asks Munawar if he is willing to drink tea but he does not respond after which Arun questions Munawar about the matter and he replies that he will drink a bit.

Munawar smiles while Mannara taunts him for changing his tone for not talking to her directly.

Everyone gets ready for the next event where they will see a recap of their entire journey in the Bigg Boss house.

Abhishek comes to the lawn first and faces the crowd which welcomes him with loud cheers and whistles as his journey gets portrayed on the big screen.

From the intro video at the time of entering the Bigg Boss house to the present 102 days of journey, Abhishek watches the video of his journey of becoming a hero from a villain.

Abhishek gets a bit frustrated as he watches how his bond with Isha went downhill and the entry of Samarth caused numerous fights between them.

The crowd cheers the loudest as the moment of Abhishek hitting Samarth gets shown and Salman comments that it was like the hero hitting the villain after suffering constant poking.

Abhishek blushes lightly seeing his moments with Khanzaadi after which his tagline "Mein Toh Aisa Hi Hoon" (I am like this only) flaunts loudly within the crowd.

After opening his shirt and screaming in front of the crowd, Abhishek completes his time outside and tells everyone how he is getting appreciated by the viewers.

Ankita comes to the lawn next and thanks Bigg Boss for allowing her to make her place in the show while Bigg Boss says that Ankita needs no introduction for herself.

With the crowd cheering, Ankita watches her journey on the big screen and relives the fights and romance with Vicky throughout the past 101 days in the house.

Ankita's friendship with Isha and Munawar along with her rivalry with Mannara and Aishwariya; everything comes forward in the compiled video which makes Ankita both emotional and angry at times.

As the video ends, Ankita gathers her emotions and says she is proud of her journey in the house with the crowd cheering for her.

Ankita comes inside and tells everyone that Mannara is there in her video a lot and Vicky has been projected in a negative light.

Arun faces the crowd next and experiences his entire journey with the recap video that shows how far he has come by showing a natural side of his personality, unlike other contestants.

He gets emotional seeing his wife and daughter and the news that he got from his wife makes him shed tears but also makes him feel strong.

With the constant allegation that he does not deserve to be a finalist in the show, Arun feels proud to see his comebacks and feels happy to see the crowd chant his name.

Later, Mannara faces the crowd and expresses her love for her fans and viewers who have voted for her so largely throughout her journey.

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