Bigg Boss 17 24th October 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 24th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 24th October 2023 episode starts with the contestants dancing their frustration and sadness out on a Bigg Boss anthem in the morning.

Meanwhile, Abhishek yells at Isha for always playing the victim card by making puppy faces while she refuses to accept the allegations.

In the kitchen, Soniya discusses Mannara's strategy with Anurag as she's using her naive face and making her sweet bond with Munawar.

Abhi becomes a red flag for Isha 

Just then, Isha approaches Abhi, who's isolated in a room as everyone continues to ignore him as per Bigg Boss orders when Abhi gets hyper and accuses her of playing with his feelings.

Isha continues to remain silent when he frantically holds her hand leading her to beg him to release her as it's hurting her.

Finally, she takes her stand and leaves the room while Abhi looks at her blankly.

After some time, Isha is standing in the kitchen area when Abhi furiously walks towards her and lashes out at her in front of everyone for treating him wrongly.

Isha begs him not to create a scene in front of everyone but Abhi doesn't even care to listen to her for even once.

Bigg Boss shuffles the houses

Later, everyone gathers in the living room when Bigg Boss asks Isha to cover her ears as she has to disobey his orders anyway while everyone fears the consequences.

Bigg Boss folds his hands, apologising for even expecting them to follow his instructions leading the contestants to feel sorry for him.

However, Bigg Boss shuffles the house members and puts Mannara, Munawar, and Khanzaadi along with Jigna, Rinku, and Naved in house no. 2, house of Brain.

Isha and Abhi shift with Vicky, Ankita, Neil, and Aishwarya while Anurag shifts to house no. 3 with Arun, Sunny, Sana and Sonia 

Bigg boss tells everyone that this shuffle is final and welcomes the contestants warmly in their respective houses.

Abhi expresses how he expects Isha to be sad with him when he's going through something while Rinku calls him a very possessive lover, asking him to work on it.

On the other hand, Naved breaks down in tears as he feels left out since he's not from India while Neil, Aishwarya, and Ankita console him, telling him that crying is okay.

The house of Brain gets a priority 

Vicky and Munawar are working in the kitchen when Bigg Boss tells everyone to return to their respective houses.

Bigg Boss asks House 2 contestants to come into the archive room when everyone gets excited.

He informs everyone how they can keep an eye on the other houses by using the archive room, the crucial part of the game.

Bigg Boss calls the third house, informing them about the commencement of the nomination task, giving them 10 minutes to decide while House No. 2 keeps an eye on them.

Final Nomination takes place 

Bigg Boss asks for the names of 8 nominated contestants when Sana informs Khaanzaadi, Naved, Rinku, Neil, Abhi, Aishwarya, Isha, and Munawar.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss calls Ankita into the therapy room, telling her to open the housewarming gift when Ankita spots a huge dartboard with a pic of 8 contestants, asking them to save 2 contestants from 8 of them.

House 1 players decide to save Isha and Abhi as Neil and Aishwarya are popular enough to save themselves.

Bigg Boss facilitates House 2 players with an opportunity to replace the 3 nominated contestants with their mutual choice.

Further, Munawar performs his mushaira in front of all the contestants leading him to reveal the three nominated contestants according to House 2.

Munawar reveals the names through his shayaris leading Bigg Boss to ask Mannara to honour the nominated contestants with medals.

The nominated contestants are Khaanzaadi, Sonia, Neil, Aishwarya, Sunny, and Sana.

Later, Sana expresses how pissed off she is with Munawar for using the mean words in his shayaris.

Elsewhere, Sunny gets into a heated argument with Aishwarya when Neil sides with her, asking Sunny to think before speaking while Sunny asks him not to manipulate his statement.

Munawar asks everyone to gather together as Rinku wants to allot the duties when Sana and Khaanzaadi rebuke each other, questioning each other's upbringing.

End of today's Bigg Boss 17 24th October 2023 episode.

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