Bigg Boss 17 25th November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 25th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 25th November 2023 episode starts with Ankita Lokhande crying as she argues with Rinku Dhawan who tries to de-escalate the situation by saying that she did not mean her statement in that way.

Meanwhile, Munawar Faruqui goes to Mannara Chopra and confronts her about her gossiping about him to Anurag Dobhal and then calling him a friend.

She brings in Anurag and clears the misunderstanding as they all talk about what happened and how their conversations went.

Salman tells the audience that they should focus on Ankita and Vicky Jain who are losing their relationship amid the show.

He goes on to welcome Vicky' mother, Anjana, and Ankita's mother, Shweta who talk about being surprised by Ankita-Vicky's fights as they never used to fight outside.

Salman tells them that he will send them inside the BB House through the Tigers Den and tells them the process. 

Further, Salman welcomes the famous friend of celebrities Orry who makes his entry with a ton of luggage on the set. 

Salman greets him and talks about him being the talk of the town while asking him what he is bringing with him. 

Orry starts showing what is in his bag and jokes with Salman after which Salman tells him to go inside. 

Further, Sunny Leone joins the stage, making everyone excited as she asks Munawar to act like Samarth and Abhishek while he performs marvelously and makes everyone laugh.

To make the task more interesting, Salman Khan asks the boys to perform the pole dance to impress Sunny.

Sunny Arya argues that Vicky is disrespecting him while Salman teaches him a lesson by telling him that he would have spoken up if any disrespect had happened. 

Salman announces the elimination

Further, the housemates are given a task to imprint a red handprint on the face of the person they do not like and would most likely not like during their journey in the show. 

Most of the housemates take the names of their personal enemies such as Khanzaadi taking the name of Abhishek and Isha Malviya taking Khaanzadi's name. 

However, even after that, Khaanzadi's name comes on the most making her the main target. 

Khanzadi starts crying as she states that she won't listen to anything against her physical health and locks herself in a bathroom. 

Salman tells her that her tricks won't work on him and the screen goes blank while the housemates rush to calm Khaanzadi. 

Ankita comforts and convinces her to come back to the garden area. 

Salman tells Khanzadi that he won't have the time of the guests ruined and tells them to bid goodbye to Sunny. 

She takes her leave after which Salman asks Ankita why she went after Khanzadi to justify her tantrums. 

Khaanzadi goes crazy? 

Ankita talks about how it has been triggering Khanzadi for a long time while Salman reasons that it was in the past but Khanzadi entered the house completely fine. 

He reminds them how every one of them was asked to do a medical checkup before entering. 

Leaving that topic aside, Salman talks about the elimination and announces that Jigna Vora is eliminated as the screen goes black again. 

The housemates bid Jigna goodbye while Anurag, Ankita, and others go to console Khanzadi who is still in the bathroom. 

Khanzadi further goes into the medical room and talks to the doctor telling her that she wants to go home. 

Meanwhile, Mannara also cries to Sana Raees Khan after Ankita calls their friendship fake. 

Later, Ankita and Vicky are called into the confession room and they get emotional seeing their mothers. 

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