Bigg Boss 17 28th October 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 28th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 28th October 2023 episode 14 (Day 13) starts with actors Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan celebrating that they are going to host Bigg Boss from now on.

However, Salman Khan comes there just then and clarifies that he will be hosting the show on weekdays and weekends while the brother duo will be hosting/roasting the contestants on Sunday.

Further, Salman states that there's going to be a surprise for the housemates, welcoming the guest Manasvi Mamagai who stuns everyone with her fabulous performance.

Salman greets her and asks her if she's excited to enter the house to which she answers that she feels a little bit of an advantage at going after two weeks as she has seen their game.

He asks her whom she thinks will be eliminated today when she takes Sonia Bansal and Sana Raees Khan's name.

Further, she enters the house and is surprised to see that the housemates are concerned about their food.

Salman greets all the housemates, asking Manasvi what she feels is different from seeing them on television and then on the show.

He talks about the elimination and recites the names of all the nominated contestants while telling them to come to the garden area.

BB Clinic is OPEN

Salman states that he will not be the one giving them the news but someone else, asking the housemates of Guts House to tell what problem they have from one particular person and medicate them using things from the BB Clinic.

Arun goes first and calls Khanzaadi to the hot seat, stating that he has a problem with her brain since she does not think before speaking and hits her on the head with a hammer.

Tehelka goes next and calls Abhishek Kumar to the hot seat, making him drink a bitter juice which is for not being able to control his tongue.

Sonia calls Vicky and puts a clip on his nose as he brings his nose into other people's business.

Sana calls Abhishek and bonks him on the head, citing that he does not use his head and reacts unnecessarily.

Salman advises Abhishek to learn how to be indifferent and warns him that a storm is coming in.

Anurag comes in next and calls out Ankita, making her drink the bitter juice, stating that she speaks more than necessary.

Manasvi calls Munawar and covers his face with dirt, stating that she does not want to see his fake crying.

Salman welcomes the next guest, the gorgeous Mouni Roy to promote her upcoming show Temptation Island where she is the queen of heart.

Further, Karan Kundra also arrives and introduces himself as the host of the show.

They greet the housemates and talk about their show after which they reveal that they want to test the housemates too.

Karan talks about the show being about choices and tells them that the contestants will be given two other contestants and he will have to dunk the head of the person who is the answer to the asked questions.

Munawar comes first with the choices being Mannara and Ankita.

Vicky is called next with Khanzaadi and Isha as his options and he chooses Khaanzadi to be dumb.

Further, Salman Khan dances with Karan and Mouni before making their exit.

Meanwhile, Abhishek, Ankita, and Sonia are circling Mansvi, asking her how they are looking outside of the show.

Further, Ankita and Vicky again get into an argument while Isha tries to advise them.

Pushpa Aunty comes to BB House

On the stage, Comedian Krushna Abhishek in her avatar Pushpa comes and talks about her show Bigg Buzz.

Further, Pushpa leaves and Salman states that it's time for the ill-fated time when the elimination is announced.

Inside the BB House, Bigg Boss informs the housemates that he wants the Maholla to be included in this too, and reveals that the least-voted contestants are Sonia and Sana.

He tells all the housemates to vote whom they want to eliminate when Sonia gets the most votes.

Bigg Boss announces that due to the majority of votes, Sonia is eliminated as she bids the housemates goodbye before exiting the house.

Vicky teases Sana for being happy which angers Ankita and she sits alone.

Meanwhile, Salman says that there is still a surprise for the housemates and shows that Pushpa has entered the house.

She sits down and talks with all the housemates, giving them advice along with doing a little drama mocking them.

She asks Mannara why everyone is always trying to cheer her up when she states that it is because everyone loves her.

She further pairs up Mannara and Ankita for a skit in which Ankita savagely teases Mannara.

Further, she makes her exit after which Khanzaadi and Munawar patch things up while Ankita and Vicky continue to argue.

Later, Bigg Boss asks Isha and Abhishek about their status and they both state that they are single while Abhi states that he likes her but does not wish to date her against her wish.

Abhishek-Isha's surprise?

Bigg Boss states that keeping in mind their journey, he has decided to stream their movies and send them to the theatre room.

Both of them go into the theatre area and watch their journey together in the BB House, bringing tears to their eyes while the housemates watch them from the garden through the screen.

As the film ends, Bigg Boss states that he found something missing and that a character is missing, confusing them while the housemates get shocked, saying that a wildcard is going to enter.

Suddenly the poster gets covered by another poster and Samarth Jurel enters the theater room as Bigg Boss states that according to Samarth, he is Isha's current boyfriend.

Further, Bigg Boss asks Isha to choose who will live with her in the Heart House, Abhishek and Samarth.

She chooses to keep Abhishek and Samarth goes into the Gut House after which they go into the garden area while the housemates hoot feeling drama coming into their life.

Isha asks Samarth why he introduced himself as her boyfriend while he behaves nonchalantly and says that he has a disease of changing his relationships.

On the other hand, the housemates console Abhishek as he is having a mental breakdown.

Samarth asks Isha what they are and she states that they are friends angering him.

He claps loudly in mockery and walks away from greeting everyone.

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