Bigg Boss 17 29th December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 29th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 29th December 2023 episode starts with the contestants dancing to the BB anthem in the morning.

Vicky orders Abhi to wash the dishes while Abhi asks him to tell Ankita first as he has right over her and not him.

Abhi confronts Vicky for treating him like a servant and involves Ankita in the argument while Vicky deliberately provokes Abhi.

Meanwhile, Abhi accidentally uses a word that grabs the housemates' attention, but he assures them he'll apologize to Ankita only if Salman Khan deems it necessary.

BB assigns a task to address the controversy between Munawar and Ayesha by involving Munawar, Ankita, and Vicky.

Ankita represents Munawar's side, Vicky opposes, while Aaora and Arun act as judges, and the others watch as the audience.

Vicky and Ankita receive a shared script outlining accusations against Munawar.

Despite being convinced by the accusations, Ankita, who has to defend Munawar, laughs at the irony of her role.

The task starts, prompting Ankita and Vicky to get involved in an argument as BB asks Ankita to discuss her fees with Munawar for supporting him while Vicky underestimates Ankita's ability to not decide her fees on her own.

Vicky, reading from the script, accuses Munawar of boycotting Mannara's friendship upon Ayesha's entry into the BB house.

Ankita defends Munawar, asserting that while the circumstances around him changed, Munawar himself remained constant, needing time to adjust and understand the new dynamics.

Meanwhile, Anurag comments about his Bro-sena leading BB to interrupt him and mock him in front of everyone.

Vicky accuses Munawar of losing his grip on the game because of Ayesha, noting a shift in Munawar's focus that has affected his gameplay.

Ayesha breaks down, overwhelmed by the emotional strain of everything.

Isha and Rinku console her, emphasizing the necessity for clarity from Munawar's side to resolve the situation.

Next, Vicky accuses Munawar of selfishly manipulating friendships to suit his convenience.

He recalls an incident where Ankita selflessly gave Munawar immunity, only for him to nominate her moments later.

He complains that Munawar lacks clarity in his relationships and frequently neglects his significant responsibilities in them.

Mannara continues to contribute more points against Munawar, supporting Vicky's allegations.

Meanwhile, Arun, acting as the judge, is swayed by Vicky's accusatory arguments.

Ayesha steps into the spotlight, addressing all the misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding both Munawar and herself.

She lets everyone know that Munawar expressed deep feelings to her, but at the same time, he was sharing the same sentiments with Nazilla.

Ayesha and Nazilla had a lengthy 6-7 hour conversation to discuss this issue involving him.

Later, Munawar, feeling emotionally drained in the washroom, fights to hold back his tears while Mannara comes over to console him and shares her feelings to provide comfort.

Munawar listens to her and keeps his points softly, asking her to give him some time.

Vicky, feeling remorseful for Munawar, joins Ankita in approaching him while Munawar smiling at Ankita, gives Vicky the cold shoulder.

Munawar apologises to Ayesha for everything that she's going through because of him and assures her that he will make it up to her very soon.

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