Bigg Boss 17 29th October 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 29th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 29th October 2023 episode 15 (Day 14) starts with all the housemates looking at Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel's unusual interaction with each other.

He greets all the housemates except Isha and she gets worried seeing his attitude.

On the other hand, Abhishek Kumar has a major breakdown seeing Isha with her boyfriend.

Isha leaves Samarth and goes to comfort Abhishek while the housemates get confused seeing the equation between the three.

Naved Soni and Manasvi Mamgai go to ask Samarth Jurel if he is okay.

Samarth tells everyone to gather as he has something to say and announces that Isha is a liar who says that she and Abhishek Kumar are only friends when they are exes.

Abhishek gets triggered as he starts walking towards Samarth and almost gets into a fight with him but is held back by the housemates.

Jigna Vora and others calm Abhishek while Munawar Faruqui takes Samarth to the side and tells him that aggressive fights are not allowed in the house.

Isha refuses Samarth

Vicky Jain tells Isha to calm down while she stalks towards Samarth and asks him why he lied that they are a couple.

He asks her if they have not been dating for a year and Isha denies it while getting shocked as she asks him what he has done.

Samarth gets shocked as he tells the housemates loudly that he has a disease of making any girl his girlfriend.

He starts talking about what Isha is doing with Abhishek which makes her angry.

Mannara Chopra asks Isha if Samarth was her ex-boyfriend to which Isha refuses saying that they have only been friends all through their journey.

Mannara tells her to keep her stance if she is telling the truth while Khaanzadi tells her that she will be portrayed very wrongly if she is proven wrong.

Later, Isha goes to Samarth and tries to talk to him but he tells her to not speak to him after the show ends as he will tell everyone that he had lied.

Ankita Lokhande comes to the room and tells Isha that Bigg Boss would not have brought anyone into the house just because he voiced that he is Isha's boyfriend.

Samarth starts talking about many personal things which Isha agrees to stating that she herself has told these things to him since they were very good friends.

On the other hand, the housemates try to cheer up Abhishek telling him that Manasvi wants to talk to him.

Abhishek reacts calmly

He calms down and talks to Manasvi telling her that Isha had previously told him that she is committed to Samarth but later revealed that she lied to him to help him move on.

Further, Abhishek goes to the room and tells Isha to accept her relationship with Samarth if she has one but she states that she does not have any romantic relationship with her.

Abhishek turns to talk to Samarth but they get into an argument as Isha stans up to calm them.

Samarth tells her to not touch her as he has a problem with her.

Vicky and others enter the room thinking that it's about to get hectic but Abhishek tells him to give them a few minutes.

Abhishek tells Isha to accept her relationship as it is making her look bad while Samarth states that he agrees with this and reveals the timeline of their relationship.

Isha tells Samarth finally that they are not in a relationship and he leaves the room as Vicky and Ankita come into the room and tell Isha that they believe her.

They tell Isha that even though they believe her, she should accept her relationship as Samarth might reveal very personal things about her that can be harmful to her image.

Later, Munawar goes to Isha and tries to talk to her while Abhishek tells Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt that he can see in Isha's eyes that she is lying.

Isha accepts the truth!

At night, Isha cries to Vicky and Ankita that she feels guilty for humiliating Samarth when he has been such a good friend and boyfriend to her while Vicky goes to Samarth and calms him.

Ankita tells Isha to go and talk to Samarth.

At 3 in the night, Samarth, Abhishek, and Rinku are sitting together having dinner while Arun Mashetty is giving commentary on today's love triangle drama to Sana Raees Khan, Jigna Vora, and others.

Isha comes and talks to Samarth and apologizes to him saying that she did not understand earlier but she accepts it now but he walks away from her.

Munawar comes to Isha and tells her to keep her distance from Abhishek to help Samarth heal from what she has done today.

Meanwhile, Ankita, Vicky, and others praise Abhishek for handling everything very calmly today and go to sleep on the sofa but Ankita and others try to convince him to come back to bed.

Later, Isha again comes to Samarth and tries to convince him to talk to her but he tells her mockingly that he is not as great as her to forgive anyone in a day.

He says that he knows she is ashamed of him but she apologizes as he states that he came to only support her not to expose her or anything.

They talk and he tells her that he is hurt that she became friends with Abhishek when she has such a dark past with him.

He asks her if she thinks that he came to expose her and tells her to stop her lies.

Isha Malviya uses Men?

The next morning (Day 14), all the housemates get excited as Bigg Boss tells them that sirens won't ring even if they fall asleep as most of them have been awake the whole night.

Abhishek sits with Vicky and tells him that he thinks Isha is using boys while Vicky tells him to focus on himself and tells him to chat with Manasvi to divert his mind.

Isha cries as she apologizes to Samarth while he holds her hand and tells her that it is okay since he knows she didn't mean it.

Later, Munawar and Abhishek are doing Shayri while Samarth comes there and argues with them stating that Isha feels like Abhi is taunting her.

They all deny it after which Abhi and Isha sit and talk out their misunderstandings.

Abhi goes to Samarth later and apologizes to him for being close to Isha and reasons that he would not have done it had he known that Isha and Samarth were together.

Later, Arbaaz and Soheil greet all the contestants after talking to Samarth and teasing him.

They further tease all the contestants by bringing them to the podium for absurd reasons.

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