Bigg Boss 17 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 2nd November 2023 episode 19 (Day 18) starts with all the housemates waking up to the siren as they go to the garden area and sing the BB Anthem.

Further, Vicky Jain is trying to convince Ankita Lokhande and others that they should rebel against the Brain Housemates by refusing to do the tasks given to them.

Neil Bhatt comes there and tells him he is doing wrong and states that they do not need to repeat what happened in the previous seasons.

Sana Raees Khan, Arun Mashetty, and Tehelka Bhai discuss who to give which chores while they start joking and humor their mornings.

Samarth Jurel comes there and the trio tells him that the team he is with is going to support Abhishek Kumar and not him to which Samarth replies that he is in their group only.

Vicky and Ankita Lokhande also get into an argument over their different point of view as he tells her to not be dominant and to try to include everyone else.

Bigg Boss taunts Vicky

Meanwhile, Mannara Chopra gossips with Munawar Faruqui about how she thinks that Khaanzadi is getting too close to him and is trying to read her which she does not like.

Munawar tells her that she can always refuse to follow her orders and Mannara nods.

Further, Munawar goes to tell Sana to not put her dirty clothes on the sofa in the bathroom area as he will throw them on the ground.

This causes an argument as Sana threatens to throw others' clothes on the ground too and Munawar tells her that she's welcome to do it.

Samarth and Anurag Dobhal argue with Manasvi Mamgai for not making the Dal according to their instructions while Abhishek and Mannara take enjoyment from it.

Later, the housemates make Sana and Vicky patch up again while Munawar, Manasvi, and Abhishek get a laugh out of it.

Bigg Boss tells him that he should have done it after the nominations but is doing it after two days.

He jokes that Vicky will become the headline of the episode while Vicky rushes to explain to Ankita whose face is twisted in annoyance.

Further, Anurag is advising Jigna Vora on how to play the game which Bigg Boss remarks on.

While the Brain Housemates are eating, Bigg Boss teases them and asks them if they are able to digest it or not.

Khaanzadi states that she is not able to digest the food along with the truth as she feels alone.

The housemates get upset as they tell her that they have also come as individuals but formed connections with each other.

Mannara wants to exit BB House?

Later, Rinku Dhawan and Khaanzadi get into an argument over the lunch conversation while Mannara looks on in silence nodding her head.

When Mannara tries to talk to Khaanzadi, she gets into an argument with her too, and makes Mannara cry.

Samarth tries to console Mannara while Khaanzadi comes there and asks her why she is crying angering Mannara even more who shouts at her to shut up.

She shouts that she will not give any attention to Khaanzadi anymore and tells Bigg Boss to call her into the confession room as she wishes to exit the show.

Khaanzadi scoffs and states that Mannara is the real attention seeker.

On the other hand, Samarth and Isha get into an argument and he even pushes away her making the cup fall from her hand and injure herself.

Later, Samarth complains to Abhishek and Vicky while Isha comes there to mend the argument but gets riled up and ends up telling him that she has strong opposition to this kind of behavior and will end things with him if he keeps on doing it.

Vicky signals Samarth to go after her and Samarth goes to Isha and apologizes to her.

The housemates are given a task by the sponsor Glance Smart Lock Screen which will be played in three rounds with exciting hampers for the winners.

Samarth's aggressive attitude

In the first round, Tehelka, Vicky, Neil, Samarth, Abhishek, and Anurag do pushups while shouting the names of the people they hate.

Neil shouts Manasvi's name and wins the task as he states that it's just a task. 

Ankita calls him a coward and tells him to accept what he said which angers Aishwarya Sharma.

In the next round, Aishwarya, Rinku, Naved Soni, and Mannara throw the balls into the bucket to win the task out of which Aishwarya and Rinku win the task.

In the last round, Ankita, Munawar, Arun, Khaanzadi, Jigna, and Sana give breaking news of the BB House which Sana won.

The housemates are not happy with this and question Rinku's judgment about it.

At night, Abhishek and Samarth sit and talk about their relationship with Isha and joke about it while he asks Samarth if he is serious about it.

Samarth laughs without giving an answer to which Abhi tells him that he thinks Isha is serious about him to which Samarth states that he knows.

Later, Samarth argues with Isha for not telling him that she had talked to Abhishek on his birthday while they were dating.

The next day, Samarth tries to convince Abhishek to tell him more about Isha but Abhishek walks away stating that he should not dwell on the past and think about the future.

Meanwhile, Jigna talks to Munawar about her one-sided love for the past 40 years.

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