Bigg Boss 17 30th December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 30th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 30th December 2023 episode starts with Salman Khan welcoming the contestants and notifying them about the upcoming double eviction scheduled for this week.

He shares a clip with the contestants, shedding light on the ongoing dynamics within the house.

In the footage, Vicky engages in a heated argument with Anurag and Abhi, where Anurag highlights Vicky's tendency to gossip behind their backs.

Ankita raises her voice at Vicky for using the same derogatory language that Abhi had used earlier.

However, Vicky isn't comfortable with Ankita calling him out publicly in front of everyone and he yells at her.

In a clip, Sohail and Arbaz enter the show and humorously predict the future behaviours of all the contestants, playfully mocking them.

Sohail and Arbaz playfully inform Ankita that her lucky number is two, and playfully, advise Abhi not to center his attention on every girl who enters the house.

They introduce a task with a resolution board and the contestants call out someone and give them a resolution until Bigg Boss interrupts.

Isha resolves to have Abhi wash dishes for everyone until Bigg Boss intervenes and Ankita makes Abhi her servant.

Vicky assigns Anurag as his servant, continuing the task similarly.

Salman Khan joins the contestants and questions Abhi about his frequent temper outbursts and tendency to say hurtful things to others.

He confronts Abhi, accusing him of feigning emotions in front of the camera and deliberately raising issues throughout the week to gain attention during the "Weekend Ka Vaar" episodes.

Further, Salman taunts Rinku for her consistently supporting Abhi regardless of his faults and compares her to the mother's blind support.

Next, he questions Ayesha about the timing of bringing up Munawar's topic, wondering why she didn't wait until BB was over before discussing it.

Ayesha explains that she sought an apology and closure from Munawar while Salman scolds Ayesha, accusing her of faking her intentions.

Salman criticizes Munawar for taking undue blame and apologizing to Ayesha, emphasizing that Munawar hadn't made any commitments that warranted an apology from him.

He scolds Ayesha for her hidden motives in joining the show, and when asked, most contestants agree that her aim seems to be seeking fame.

Salman advises Munawar to be clear about his relationships and asks the duo if they are in love with each other to which both deny.

Later, Salman Khan leaves leading Ayesha to have an emotional breakdown while Ankita consoles her but Mannara continues to taunt Ayesha.

Ayesha finally yells at Mannara, asking her to be sensible enough.

Ankita takes Ayesha aside as she breaks down, expressing how Munawar's sudden denial of any feelings after making her feel special and loved for the past 10 days has deeply hurt her.

Just then, Munawar enters there leading Ayesha to freak out, telling him not to ever show his face to her as he's a liar while Munawar sits beside her crying.

After a while, Ayesha collapses while leaving the room and hits her head, making the housemates panic, and Bigg Boss instructs them to rush her to the medical room for immediate care.

Meanwhile, Salman decides to enter the Bigg Boss house himself.

Salman advises the housemates to brace themselves for life's ups and downs.

Elsewhere, Isha and Samarth inform Mannara that Munawar nodded in front of Salman because he lacks the courage to oppose him.

Anurag confronts Munawar for laughing despite Ayesha's suffering.

End of Bigg Boss 17 today's episode written update. To download Bigg Boss Season 17 Hindi all episodes or watch the full episode (30 December 2023) online, go to or the Jiocinema App.

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