Bigg Boss 17 4th November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 4th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 4th November 2023 episode 21 starts with Salman Khan greeting the housemates and making Anurag Dobhal dance.

Further, Salman praises Arun Mashetty and Sunny Bhai for their one-liners and starts asking all the housemates whom they knew were coming to the show from other housemates.

Salman calls out Neil-Vicky

Vicky Jain reveals that he contacted Neil Bhatt two days before the show and talked to him through the call while Isha Malviya reveals that Abhishek Kumar had contacted her.

Salman talks about the clauses in the contract and reveals that they have the right to remove the participants if they break the rule of contacting the other participants of the house.

He tells them that they will not remove them making Vicky and Ankita Lokhande sigh in relief but Salman again talks about some contestants having formed an alliance before entering the house.

He states that it feels like a Match-fixing type of situation as their relationship/alliance inside the BB House becomes a failure.

Vicky reasons that he only called Neil since he was nervous and did not talk about planning inside the show or anything related to that.

However, Salman reasons that he thinks that there is a deal between them since Aishwarya Sharma also questions Neil for not speaking up when Vicky comments on their marriage and makes wife jokes.

Further, Salman questions Munawar Faruqui asking him if he has any connection to Vicky or Ankita out of the house or if he knows them but he refuses.

Salman tells them to converse as he'll be back and the screen goes black as the housemates start talking about Vicky and his manipulation tactics.

Mannara Chopra and Jigna Vora talk about Isha and Munawar having a different type of connection with Ankita and Vicky and laughing among themselves.

Afterward, Salman welcomes the famous singer King who performs and requests Munawar to sing a verse too.

Manasvi gets eliminated 

King further gives the task to the housemates of Dil House in which they have to slam the door in the face of the person whom they want to remove from their hearts.

Neil chooses Manasvi Mamgai, Aishwarya selects Vicky and Ankita takes Sana Rees Khaan's name.

Vicky also takes Sana's name while Abhishek takes Sunny's name.

The task ends and King leaves after which Salman greets Doori from the titular show and talks to her who reveals that she has brought questions for him.

After the questions are done, Salman welcomes Gangaprasad, Doori's father, and Kailashi Devi from the show.

They bid goodbye after which Salman greets the housemates once again and talks about the eliminations.

He reminds them that the eliminated contestants are Sana, Manasvi, Isha, Samarth, and Arun.

Salman takes Sana's name first and then teases her telling her to fix her mic after which Salman states that Manasvi is eliminated and tells her to bid her goodbyes and exit.

Sunny and Arun get into an argument with Abhishek again as they continue instigating him with their words.

Later, Abhishek tries to make Isha understand what Salman told her but she doesn't understand him making him walk away.

Samarth Jurel comes to Isha and tells her to let it all out and not make a communication gap.

Drama in BB House

Isha finally cries to him that she is having to hear scoldings for things that she didn't do while he comforts her.

Further, at night, Khaanzadi talks to Naved Soni and tells him how she likes Abhishek but does not wish to be in a relationship with him since both of them are very broken right now.

The next day, the housemates get into an argument as House Three does not do the dishes while Munawar suggests that they do it together for now.

Vicky argues with him while Munawar tells him to do whatever he wants and walks away.

Further, Khaanzadi gets sad as she misses her mother while Abhishek consoles her and pats her back to soothe her pain.

Aishwarya talks to Neil and tells him that she feels like Munawar is being played like a puppet.

Later, everyone is playing truth and dare except for Anurag, Arun, Sunny, and Sana as they mock the rest of the housemates and talk about them.

Khanzaadi is dared to kiss Abhishek on the cheeks and she does it while Vicky is dared to bring Sana's luggage to her and tell her to go out.

Everyone laughs as Sana shouts at him to put her luggage back where it was.

On the other hand, Neil requests Aishwarya to try to mingle with others causing an argument between the two.

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