Bigg Boss 17 5th December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 5th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 5th December 2023 episode starts with everyone feeling tired and dancing without enthusiasm to the BB anthem in the morning.

Vicky asks Rinku if she slept well but she admits that it took her a while while Ankita complains about the difficulty of sleeping on the floor.

In the kitchen, Khanzaadi teases Neil, who warns her to be quiet or he'll make sure to make her cry.

She continues provoking Neil, prompting Rinku to retort, suggesting that Khanzaadi should sink into the swimming pool and die.

Further, Khanzaadi joins Ankita and Vicky, recounting Rinku's remark while Aishwarya exposes Khanzaadi's true nature to Ankita, triggering a heated argument between Aishwarya and Khanzaadi.

Meanwhile, Khanzaadi refers to Munawar as "beta" in a casual manner, which annoys Munawar, prompting him to ask her not to use that term.

Elsewhere, Sana refuses to engage in the household chores, angering Arun and Vicky leading Sana to call Vicky mannerless.

Vicky engages in an argument with Abhi, refusing to discuss household matters with Munawar and Rinku, insisting that Munawar involve the entire house.

However, the whole house confronts Sana, urging her to wash the dishes for hygiene reasons in their common living space when eventually, Sana agrees to wash the dishes.

In the garden, Ankita supports Abhi's acting career and reminisces about her relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput.

She praises SSR's dedication, patience, and love during their time together while recalling their 7-year relationship, including emotional moments as she cried while watching his first movie, "Kai Po Che."

Meanwhile, Mannara tells how Munawar will also make a herd of sheep just like Vicky.

BB calls Sana to the confession room, offering her food and proposes a two-week break from chores if she cuts half of the weekly ration, which excites Sana, and she agrees.

Further, BB announces the same in front of the contestants, making their eyes open wide in shock as they furiously start yelling at Sana while Mnanara hugs her and appreciates her.

Abhi asks everyone to boycott Sana while Isha takes a stand for Mannara, explaining her narrative that she chose to take her stand while Rinku tells Sana to manage her food on her own.

In the midst of it, Mannara defends Sana's actions to Munawar and refuses to join his "chhatro-chaya," provoking Munawar, who tells her to leave.

Later, Mannara confronts Munawar about his changed behaviour, but when he tries to explain, she refuses to discuss it publicly, leading Munawar to express his reluctance to talk to her.

Abhi questions Munawar about Isha's support to Sana while BB adds to the tension by confirming it, causing Isha to confront Abhi.

However, Samarth attempts to support Abhi, but Isha warns him not to get involved in her matters.

After some time, Munawar asks Ankita if she's in Sana's favour and still caring for her like naive to which she refuses, saying that Sana is wrong this time.

BB advises Mannara and Isha in the confession room to choose friends wisely, warning about Abhi being a threat to Isha and Anurag being a concern for Mannara.

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