Bigg Boss 17 5th January 2024 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 5th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 5th January 2024 episode starts with another day in the house with fights and heated arguments.

A discussion ensues about food shortage and Munawar questions who did not have food and who took extra paranthas.

Vicky says yes and gives his share to Munawar who goes outside to eat it.

Ayesha notices it and shares hers with Munawar but he lets her know that he doesn't want to have it.

This triggers Ayesha and she complains to Ankita who later goes to Munawar with the same parantha and makes him eat it.

However, Ayesha sulks down in one corner while Munawar asks Abhishek why she is behaving that way.

Similarly, Ayesha says that he wants to behave like this with her due to the game while Abhishek tells him that she is acting this way as "her" game isn't going right.

This becomes a topic for the house while later Vicky, Ankita, Isha, Samarth, Ayesha, and Mannara jump into the pool.

Ayesha dances while Ankita gets a bit ticked to see Vicky helping Mannara and touching her.

Meanwhile, Abhishek and Munawar keep their space from everyone while Abhishek feels very bad as to what happened the previous day.

He keeps saying sorries to the camera while Ayesha is talking with Munawar in the night about their spat in the day.

The next day, the alarm bell rings and everyone comes awake.

Abhishek stays low while Chintu AKA Samarth keeps the mic closer to his face and tells Bigg Boss to take action against Abhishek soon.

Abhishek also says sorry to Samarth once.

In the meantime, Ankita asks Vicky to clean the kitchen top but they both get into a little argument in front of everyone.

Later, they are spotted in the garden area talking about their duties and Ankita says that Vicky has to clean the kitchen.

Vicky asks her how many times she is going to remind him of that as Ankita clarifies that if she doesn't push him, then others will question her.

This makes Vicky irritated and he eats lunch with Mannara in the heart room.

However, Ankita comes there and asks Vicky why he is eating there when he can also sit here and storms out.

Vicky also storms out and goes into another room to eat while Ankita expects him to come to her.

She then goes to him and both of them have a heated argument with Ankita calling him a man wanting to take care of a thirty-year-old baby named Mannara.

Vicky asks what he is doing wrong and clearly understands that Ankita is getting jealous and calling him names.

Later, Ankita cries a little and apologizes to Vicky.

Bigg Boss then has a new task for the housemates where the ladies of the house have to act like each other.

Vicky and Samarth become the judges of the task and Isha, is the winner.

Later, Abhishek has to become Ankita's slave and Mannara has to become Ayesha's.

Abhishek plays his role well but Mannara hesitates when Ayesha asks her to take Munawar's clothes and dump them down in the swimming pool.

End of Bigg Boss 17 today's episode written update. To download Bigg Boss Season 17 Hindi all episodes or watch the full episode (5 January 2024) online, go to or the Jiocinema App.

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