Bigg Boss 17 5th November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 5th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 5th November 2023 episode 22 starts with all the housemates waking up and going to the garden area to dance to the BB Anthem.

Further, Munawar Faruqui talks to the camera steals the jar of coffee from the kitchen, and shows it to the camera.

He talks to the camera stating that the Dil House has stolen this coffee from them and is hiding it in this jar.

He goes outside and shows it to the housemates of House Three while calling Ankita Lokhande a shoplifter.

She tells him that she never stole anything while he shows them the jar of coffee along with oranges and runs to the garden area.

Coffee Makes Housemates Bitter

However, the housemates steal it back from him after which Khaanzadi argues with Munawar over it.

Munawar puts it in his pants making Ankita and Isha Malivya steal other ration as an act of rebel.

Mannara Chopra goes after them to take it back but they spill on the ground making her go back.

Anurag Dobhal, Sana Raees Khan, Arun Mashetty and Tehelka Bhai continue commenting on the situation like commentators and state that they will all be buddying up in a few hours.

The argument ends after Munawar questions Ankita to tell her truth as she states that she never lies but she doesn't give any clear answer.

Aishwarya ends the fight by threatening to not cook while on the other hand, Abhishek Kumar and Isha again argue and converse.

Mannara goes to Samarth Jurel and taunts him asking him if he can see what is happening to which Samarth states that he is understanding everything.

Further, Samarth talks to Isha while she tells him to not tell her whom to talk to and whom to not talk to.

Later, Ankita gets into an argument with Munawar accusing him of using her for her honesty and questioning her in front of the national television.

He promises her that he'll stand with her in the future and she confronts him about it in their room in front of Aishwarya and Neil Bhatt while Sana and Anurag joke to Bigg Boss telling him that the concept of different houses should be removed since they are all doing brotherhood.

Vicky-Ankita fight again

Further, Vicky demands Ankita to get the coffee back from Munawar since she has patched up with him and they get into an argument as he tells her to not come to him for anything anymore.

Neil goes to Munawar and tries to argue with him but gets into a verbal fight after which he tells Vicky that he will make Munawar remove his clothes at any cost.

Both Ankita and Aishwarya accuse Munawar of using their weaknesses against them and of having no humanity while he retorts back asking her what humanity is needed to eat stolen food as they did.

The married couple team up against Munawar and start blaming him for everything after which Vicky and Sana reconcile.

Afterward, Munawar sits Ankita down and explains to her that she is being used today but not by him but by Vicky as he wanted her to lie for him.

Further, the housemates greet Soheil Khan and Arbaaz Khan for their Just Chill with Soheil and Arbaaz segment.

They immediately start by mimicking Isha and Samarth's initial interaction.

They tease Anurag and Neil for managing to kick out the wildcard and go along with Khaanzadi and Abhishek for their just friends status.

The duo even teases the coffee matter and even reveals where the Dil House has hidden the coffee.

Soheil and Arbaaz make coffee for the housemates and send it inside the house through the storage room.

They ask Mannara about vibe questions and she reveals that she gets vamp vibes from Khaanzadi and toxic vibes from Anurag.

Soheil and Arbaaz tease the housemates

Soheil further teases Samarth saying that even Isha is not calling out to him while being his girlfriend.

The sibling duo compares the vegetables to the housemates and makes them laugh with their jokes.

They bid their goodbyes after which Ankita fights with Mannara for calling her fake and tells her not to talk to her anymore.

Bigg Boss calls all the housemates into the Maholla and talks about Brain House not being able to handle their ration and the coffee journey.

As a result, Bigg Boss gives a one-time offer to Heart House and tells the housemates to bring out the wish list of 5 luxury items.

He tells them to discuss and write five items that they wish to have after which they write, Eggs, Coffee, Poha, Vegetables, and Milk.

In return, Bigg Boss asks them to discuss and give them the name of one Heart House member because of whom they didn't get their ration and kick that person out of the Heart House and into the Chowk/ Maholla.

Abhishek raises his hand ready to sacrifice himself and the other housemates agree that him being the main reason making him ineligible to get anything related to Heart House.

Bigg Boss states that he thinks that Abhishek is not the correct name and tells them to clap for him.

Further, Vicky and Ankita try to convince Abhishek that Bigg Boss is upset since they didn't argue when Bigg Boss confronts him making him speechless.

At night, Arun and Sunny decide to cause chaos with Anurag's help.

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