Bigg Boss 17 6th December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 6th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 6th December 2023 episode starts with Aishwarya entering the storeroom to collect the half ration while Munawar sits alone in the garden area.

Aishwarya makes a disgusted face to see only 1 bottle of coffee there while Munawar notes housemates' double standards on Sana, favouring her when it suits them but opposing her otherwise.

He complains about all the drama created by the housemates regarding the ration despite getting half of the ration which is enough for a week, yet still ganging up against Sana.

Just then, BB calls Munawar into the store room to display the last week's ration that the housemates have returned to which Munawar states that he was pointing out the same thing.

A few minutes later, Mannara and Munawar talk leading Munawar to urge her to understand him or risk losing him while Mannara nods, requesting Munawar to consider her perspective as well.

Further, Abhi, feeling extremely down, approaches Munawar, who promptly guides him to the washroom, respect inghis need for privacy as Abhi breaks down there.

Munawar encourages Abhi to be resilient while Abhi, struggling to confront Isha, cries as he feels unable to take a stand.

Elsewhere, Isha complains to Samarth about his inattentiveness and handling of her tantrums when Samarth advises her to acknowledge her mistakes.

Their argument turns comical as Samarth, feeling helpless, joins his hands in front of Isha, puzzled by her constant dissatisfaction with his actions.

The next morning, contestants dance to the BB anthem when after a while, BB's alarm goes on, prompting Vicky to argue with Sana for sleeping when Sana calls him an instigator.

Ankita yells at Sana for being disrespectful towards her friendship, stating that Sana doesn't deserve her loyalty.

Aishwarya, Khanzaadi, Abhi, and Anurag discuss Sana's behaviour when Abhi believes that Sana should have apologized to them once.

However, the conversation shifts when Aishwarya accuses Khanzaadi of neglecting chores when they used to live together while Khanzaadi defends herself, stating she offered help multiple times, which was declined.

Aishwarya tells Ankita not to support Khanzaadi in wrong matters when Ankita asks her not to worry about her as she knows what she's doing.

BB gathers everyone, revealing that houses will be chosen together through mutual discussion, not individual opinions, as the houses are unsealed.

Meanwhile, BB calls Ankita, presenting her with a choice to nominate Vicky for the entire season or live in 'Dil ka kamra' when Ankita promptly declines.

Following that, BB offers Vicky the same choice, but to nominate Ankita for the season instead when Vicky immediately refuses leading BB to conclude that Vicky's group gets 'Dum Ka kamra'.

BB questions the housemates who haven't been in the 'Dimag ka kamra' yet when Isha, Samarth, Neil, and Aishwarya raise their hands leading Neil to express his desire to be in the 'Dimag ka kamra'.

However, BB rejects his reason while Samarth's request is put on hold.

Isha engages in a game with BB, speaking whatever comes to her mind when a name is mentioned, causing BB to put Isha and Aishwarya's requests on hold.

Further, BB divides the group, sending Arun and Aishwarya to Dimag ka Kamra while the rest stay in Dil ka Kamra.

BB then assigns Arun and Aishwarya the responsibility for ration distribution.

End of Bigg Boss 17 today's episode written update. To download Bigg Boss Season 17 Hindi all episodes or watch the full episode (6 December 2023) online, go to or the Jiocinema App.

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