Bigg Boss 17 7th December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 7th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 7th December 2023 episode starts with the housemates waking up full of energy, enthusiastically dancing to the Big Boss anthem, and relishing every word with joy.

While Anurag takes a seat on the throne, Abhi mocks him.

Isha and Samarth draw close to each other, catching Abhi's attention from afar when he playfully teases them, eliciting laughter from everyone around.

Just then, Aishwarya urges the contestants to speed up with their bowls as she needs to divide the ration, prompting Abhi to state that they can take their time getting to the kitchen.

Arun steps in refusing to divide the food item while Aishwarya starts mimicking, provoking Abhi when he argues over sharing a specific food item and declaring he'll take it by force if needed.

Khanzaadi backs Abhi, leading Aishwarya to be rude and warning to even slap anyone who provokes her while Khanzaadi quips that Aishwarya would need to jump high to reach her height, making Aishwarya play the victim card.

Elsewhere, Isha tries to instigate Munawar against Abhi's friendship when Abhi asks her not to meddle in their friendship, prompting Isha to shame him for venting her anger on everyone.

The comment sparks a heated argument between Isha and Abhi when Samarth tries to intervene for Isha, but Abhi handles the situation on his own.

They both divulge details about their past relationship when Isha suggests Abhi should engage in a one-night stand.

Amidst everyone's efforts to intervene, Abhi, Isha, and Samarth go beyond limits, aiming to tarnish each other's image.

Abhi confides in Vicky, expressing his patience but also his determination to finally teach Isha a lesson.

Later, Samarth takes Isha aside, advising her not to stoop to Abhi's low level as it would erase any difference between Abhi and herself.

However, Isha fiercely rejects Samarth's suggestion, prompting him to raise his voice, expressing frustration at Isha for consistently accusing him and not comprehending his viewpoint. 

After some time, BB announces an immunity task, asking each household to pick one person for immunity.

Contestants pitch themselves, but only two houses decide: "Dil ka kamra" picks Neil, and "Dimag ka kamra" chooses Arun.

"Dum ka kamra" can't decide, leading BB to skip choosing anyone from their house.

Later, a Bahubali song fills the house as contestants notice a territory battlefield set up in the garden area.

BB explains the task that two maps are placed where housemates must position small soldier dummies to mark their support for either Neil with the colour blue or Arun with the colour green, signifying their territories.

Khanzaadi, as Sanchalak, bars the girls from joining the task due to a prior accidental touch between Samarth and Aishwarya.

Rinku, Ankita, and Aishwarya disagree while, Abhi and Isha have a heated argument, leading to a physical altercation that prompts Samarth to intervene.

However, the task is over when Munawar and Abhi get into a fight while BB gets disappointed and shames everyone for sacrificing their bonds over the task.

Meanwhile, Khanzaadi declares Arun as the winner, making Abhi and the other housemates disappointed by her biased decision.

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