Bigg Boss 17 7th November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 7th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 7th November 2023 episode 24 starts with Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt arguing with each other as she tells him that he should support her decision when she states that she does not wish to cook for everyone.

Meanwhile, Mannara Chopra talks to Munawar Faruqui and tells him that he might not know it but Khaanzadi and other housemates of hers are possessive of the kitchen area and she has seen that but cannot curse like them.

Munawar tells her that he can handle it while she tells him that he cannot as she has been seeing that he is being manipulated too.

Later, Neil and Aishwarya manage to patch up while Ankita Lokhande talks about her journey with Vicky Jain and her ex-boyfriend, Abhishek Kumar, stating that she's proud to have him as her husband.

Mannara becomes a Menace

Elsewhere, Rinku tells Mannara that she is a very lovable person and they sort out their misunderstands as Rinku apologizes for nominating her.

At the same time, Ankita talks to Vicky Jain, Isha Maliya, and Abhishek talking about her experience with the nomination task.

Before going to sleep, Abhishek advises Mannara to become carefree to be shown above Khaanzadi while Munawar vents to Rinku that he is bothered by Mannara's state but he will not get too attached to it.

Abhishek and Samarth talk about Isha and her game plan, making a mockery of her.

At around 3 AM, Arun Mashetty wakes up and throws the pillows from the sitting area in the garden to the pool while Sunny Tehelka and Anurag Dobhal try to stop him.

The next morning, all the housemates wake up and get surprised but complete the ritual of dancing and singing the BB Anthem.

Further, Munawar and Mannara get into an argument as she is upset with him for poking Khaanzadi to tease her when she was arguing with her.

The argument gets intense as Khaanzadi involves herself in the argument leading to Mannara telling him that she does not wish to talk to him after a week.

Later, Arun, Sunny, and Anurag talk to Mannara along with Khanzaadi, stating that Munawar has been using both girls.

She states that she will forgive him if he says sorry but the trio tells her that she'll be a fool.

Later, Munawar and Mannara finally talk again while Anurag, Arun, and Sunny are happy about all the chaos in the house.

Bigg Boss scolds housemates

Further, arguments between Munawar and Mannara continue to get tense as Khaanzadi and other housemates start arguing against Munawar.

Munawar walks with Isha and vents to her while Mannara gets into an argument with Rinku Dhawan too.

Rinku tells her that she talks unnecessarily while Mannara says that she is very nice.

Jigna Vora comes in support of Rinku leading Mannara to shout at her and speak up about all the wrongdoings that are supposedly happening to her.

Meanwhile, Ankita tells Vicky joyfully that Mannara is going through the same thing as her now.

Mannara mocks all of them, stating that they are playing safe with Munawar as they think that he is going to take them to the finale.

Further, Anurag talks to Jigna and Ankita, stating that Arun and Sunny's misunderstanding causes them to fight every time.

Later, Jigna argues with Arun since he ate her portion of food causing both the houses to fight.

Afterwards, Bigg Boss scolds all the housemates for stealing from Brain House as they were strictly told to eat only from the basic ration and tells them that he is permitting them right now to be great and give away their ration.

He also reveals that Arun was the one to throw pillows into the pool, shocking the housemates.

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