Bigg Boss 17 8th November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 8th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 8th November 2023 episode 25 starts with Bigg Boss informing the contestants about the ration task since 'The House of Brain' failed to manage the ration.

BB divides the contestants into two teams, telling them about the task that one contestant from each house has to appreciate themselves in front of the audience while the other contestants from the other house have to troll the contestant.

He tells the House of Brains to judge the performance of the contestants and decide the winner of each round as they'll be the ones who will divide the ration to each house this time.

Further, Ankita comes in front of everyone to appreciate herself while Sunny comes there to troll Ankita simultaneously.

The buzzer goes on, initiating round 1 leading Ankita and Sunny to start speaking nonstop while the house of brain chooses Ankita as the winner due to the lack of trolling literacy in Sunny.

Ankita gets the opportunity to go into the store room and divide the ration according to her own will in every house's trolly.

Aishwarya comes next along with Arun who somehow manages to troll Aishwarya to an extent and earns a winning position.

Isha and Anurag come in round 3 when Anurag doesn't fail to vent out his hatred towards Isha, somehow earning the winner position.

However, Samarth lashes out at Anurag for saying ill things about Isha using task as the barrier.

Just then, Bigg Boss allows Abhishek to share the ration with House 1, making everyone happy but puts forth a condition, asking the housemates to return all their existing ration in their house and making sure they don't disobey his order by any means.

Munawar volunteers the condition which reveals all the ration stuff that housemates were hiding.

Elsewhere, Mannara sits silently as she feels overwhelmed, asking BB to send her home as she can't handle all this pressure when just then, Ankita appears there and consoles her.

Ankita informs Munawar about Mannara's mental state leading him to listen to her very carefully when Mannara continues to taunt him regarding Khanzaadi.

However, Munawar finally makes her smile and they hug out the issue.

Inside the house, Rinku and Jigna express their frustration about cooking for everyone and decide to prefer washing the dishes.

Abhishek goes to Aishwarya and Neil, talking to them softly about Aishwarya not working much compared to others which triggers Aishwarya and results in a heated argument between Neil and Abhishek.

Aishwarya also gets involved in the argument, backing up Neil while Abhishek loses his temper.

Later, Neil asks Abhishek to calm down and they finally hug each other cutting short the conversation.

Meanwhile, Aishwarya falls into an argument with Vicky and lashes out at him unnecessarily while Ankita calls her a psycho.

Elsewhere, Jigna swears on her son, proving Mannara her innocence while Rinku asks Jigna not to strike her head into the wall.

Mannara gets stressed out and overreacts, saying Rinku Ji is fake but Rinku Ji calls her fake.

Munawar tries to get away from Mannara as she is trying to pick fights with everyone over washing the utensils.

The next day, Isha intervenes in an argument between Abhishek and Aishwarya which makes Abhishek upset and he cries.

However, Mannara reminds him that he needs to be strong while Sana advises Khanzaadi to stay away from Abhishek.

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