Bigg Boss 17 9th November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 9th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 9th November 2023 episode starts with contestants performing on 'Mere Dholna' song while Samarth and Khanzaadi pretend to be superheroes.

Further, Samarth and Abhishek get into an argument as Samarth takes Isha's stand but Abhishek doesn't pay much heed to him, saying that he doesn't want to give him the unnecessary footage.

Elsewhere, Abhi sits with Rinku and Jigna when they tell him to be aware of Khanzaadi's nature as she's a very simple girl who only expects love in return while Abhi listens to them very carefully.

Rinku asks Abhi to be sure about his feelings for Khanzaadi and not to use her for game's sake, making him agree.

Further, Munawar mocks the way Samarth walks in front of everyone when Abhishek laughs hard at him while Samarth also enjoys the conversation.

Mannara sits with Anurag and agrees with Munawar making fun of Samarth's walking style when they wonder about a reason why Isha likes him.

The next morning, everyone shows their move on the Bigg Boss anthem when Munawar and Ankita vibe together while Abhi dances with Mannara.

Inside the house, the big boss buzzer goes on as Sana is taking a nap but she immediately stands up while Sunny and Arun curse her for being over-smart.

Later, Munawar asks Mannara to be careful about her words as they can never take back their sentences while Rinku tells Khanzaadi to take her feelings for Abhishek slowly and steadily.

After some time, Vicky tells Abhishek to enjoy this moment without a phone as he can take his feelings for Khanzaadi to another level, leaving Abhi confused while Samarth mocks Sana for making an excuse when it comes to chores.

Everyone gathers in the living room when BB informs them about a spirit wandering into their house and discloses the new task of earning power.

BB chooses Ankita, Sana, and Khanzaadi, informing them about their costumes kept in the store room and that they have to wear the musical anklet while performing a dance, concluding it by throwing colours on three contestants' photos, ultimately indicating their elimination from the task.

Sana, Ankita, and Khanzaadi get ready for the task while BB mocks Abhishek and Vicky for discussing the strategy beforehand and restricts them from doing the same.

Ankita goes first and performs on Mere Dholna's song leading BB to call Samarth, Chintu and mock him as he's in awe of Ankita's performance.

She throws colour on Aishwarya, Neil, and Munawar, calling Munawar a strong contestant.

Next comes, Sana who performs and colours Vicky, Isha, and Abhishek, making Munawar very happy as he enjoys the process.

Third comes, Khanzaadi who performs elegantly when BB asks Naved to perform with her and she concludes her performance by colouring Anurag, Samarth, and Sunny.

For the second round, Ankita, Khanzaadi, and Sana get into an argument as to who would go next.

End of today's Bigg Boss 17 10th November 2023 episode.

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