Bigg Boss OTT 11th August 2021 Written Update BB 15: Pratik Sehejpal's victory

Bigg Boss OTT 11th August 2021 Written Update BB 15: Pratik Sehejpal's victory

Bigg Boss 15 11th August 2021 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT written update

Today's Bigg Boss 11 August 2021 OTT episode starts with (Day 3) everyone waking up to the song 'Raataan Lambiyan'.

Akshara Singh talks about dividing the food because she doesn't get food as she is the last one to get food.

Divya Agarwal and Urfi Javed take the blame upon themselves and start arguing with her.

Shamita Shetty says that she should have written her name on the food container and says that it's a petty issue.

Everyone starts arguing and Akshara says that she will not eat anything and Shamita comments on it.

Later, Bigg Boss announces that it is time to test the connections and tells them to welcome the famous matchmaker Seema Taparia.

Seema starts talking to all the pairs of connections one by one and grades them at the end.

Elsewhere, Pratik Sehejpal and Divya again get into an argument regarding cooking and drag Akshara into it.

Later, Bigg Boss gives the contestants a task to rank their connections from one to six but the contestants start arguing and fail to come to a mutual agreement.

Meanwhile, Seema gives the rankings based on what she thought and puts Pratik-Akshara first.

Bigg Boss announces that since the contestants could not come to a decision, according to Seema's grades, Pratik and Akshara are the best connection.

Further, Bigg Boss gives them the titles of Boss Man and Boss Lady and announces that they will be taking the decisions of the house.

Lastly, Bigg Boss announces that the female housemates have been given back all their items as the report card given by the audience has gotten a good review for housemates.

End of today's (11th August 2021) Bigg Boss 15 written episode.

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