Bigg Boss OTT 15th August 2021 Written Update: Season 15, Special guests today

Bigg Boss OTT 15th August 2021 Written Update: Season 15, Special guests today

Bigg Boss OTT 15th August 2021 Written Update: Bigg Boss 15 written update

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 15 August 2021 OTT episode of season 15 starts with contestants waking up on the song “Haan Main Galat”

Later, Bigg Boss announces that the nominated connections and single-player Urfi will be given 45 minutes to entertain the audience to be safe from elimination.

Everybody takes their time to entertain everyone.

Later, Bigg Boss announces that Nishant and Moose are safe from Bigg Boss elimination.

For the elimination process, Karan Johar comes to meet the contestants.

Karan starts by talking about Divya and says that she doesn’t need the show. She herself told this to everyone.He tells Divya that it was her decision to join the show and no one forced her.

Later, he targets Pratik and asks why his behavior changed after becoming the Boss Man.

After Divya and Pratik, Karan talks to Shamita about her and Divya’s fake friendship.

While Karan talked to Raqesh, he asks him which connection he would trade with Pratik in the 1, 2, 3, statue game.

Raqesh acts “spineless” according to Karan because he didn’t answer Karan’s question.

Further, Karan announces that the connection who are voted safe by the audience is Moose and Nishant.

He also praises them for being the best example of a connection. Later, Karan talks to Neha about behaving biased towards Moose.

Neha breaks down while talking about being targeted.

Now, Bigg Boss provides everyone with balloons and Karan explains that everyone has to clear the misunderstanding that other contestants have about themselves by bursting the balloon which they have.

At the end of the task, Ridhima and Pratik get into an argument.

Now, Karan tells that it’s time for the first elimination of Bigg Boss OTT. After creating breathtaking suspense, Karan announces that Urfi is eliminated from Bigg Boss OTT.

End of today's (15th August 2021) Bigg Boss 15 written episode.

Upcoming Bigg Boss OTT written episode update: No precap.

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