Bigg Boss OTT 18th August 2021 Written Update: Nishant Bhat's creativity

Bigg Boss OTT 18th August 2021 Written Update: Nishant Bhat's creativity

Bigg Boss OTT 18th August 2021 Written Update: Bigg Boss 15 written update

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 18 August 2021 episode of season 15 starts with (Day 10) everyone waking up to the song 'Wake Up Sid'.

Shamita Shetty and Akshara Singh make for their last night's argument while Pratik Sehejpal and Neha Bhasin again argue.

Muskaan Jattana and Nishant Bhat sing freestyle while Neha joins them and taunts Pratik.

Divya Agarwal talks to Nishant and Moose and conforms that Shamita is spreading rumors while Bigg Boss tells Raqesh Bapat to manage the house with his smartness in the confession room.

Raqesh and Pratik get into an argument after which Shamita also instigate a Pratik to fight with her.

Akshara stands up for Pratik and Neha argues with her while telling Millind Gaba that he doesn't support her.

He gets upset at her and fights with her saying that she doesn't understand his point of view.

Later, task 'BB Panchayat' continues and the third accusation is of the weakest connection.

Raqesh agrees with Nishant and Moose which doesn't sit well with Millind and he starts rebuking Moose.

Pratik calls Raqesh spineless while others gang up on him and make him cry.

Bigg Boss announced that the task has been dismissed and all the contestants are nominated for elimination as a part of the punishment.

Raqesh has a breakdown and cries while Shamita and Ridhima Pandit try to calm him.

Nishant feels guilty and cries after which he goes with Pratik to apologize to Raqesh.

Lastly, Raqesh calls Divya to talk to Shamita but Shamita rudely says that she doesn't want to speak to her which makes Divya cry.

End of today's (18th August 2021) Bigg Boss OTT written episode.

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