Bigg Boss OTT 2 17th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 31

Bigg Boss OTT 2 17th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 31

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 17th July 2023 episode (Day 30) starts with all the housemates waking up to a trendy song as they go to the garden and dance to escape their laziness.

Jiya Shankar tells Elvish Yadav to help her peel the garlic and compliments her.

Elvish obeys her words and tells her that she's very active making both of them laugh.

Aashika gets unwanted attention!

Further, Falaq Naaz talks to Aashika Bhatia and tells her that she's very strong as she has seen her outside too.

Aashika says that she will definitely speak up if she feels the need to and leaves to sit with Manisha Rani.

She goes and tells Manisha about how everyone laughed at her and then started showing their concern once Pooja Bhatt pointed it out.

At the same time, Avinash Sachdev sits with Pooja and tries to justify his actions saying that they did not know Aashika's backload.

Later, Elvish comments on Avi being possessive of Falaq while she tells him to be loud enough for the others to hear.

Jiya sees the food dropped on her bed and goes to Manisha telling her to clean it up since she herself is making a mess when she is the captain.

Abhi-Bebika make a bet

They get into an intense argument while Elvish and Bebika Dhurve chant for them to fight.

Aashika supports Manisha while Bebika gets into an argument with Abhishek Malhan telling him that he supports Manisha and even swore before her.

They bet on it while Elvish continues egging them on saying that they should put Bebika up for elections.

Later, Abhi jokes that he is no longer friends with Manisha and tells Bebika that they are friends from now on.

On the other hand, Falaq tells Avi that she wants at least a few years for herself and only wants to settle down for marriage as she has no scene to date, anyone.

Avi tells her that she is being very confusing while Falaq says that she is just that way and that she might disappear once she exits the house.

Avi starts getting passive-aggressive while Jiya tells Falaq to at least continue being friends.

BB House hosts a Health Camp!

Falaq leaves telling them that she does not want to be understood by anyone while Avi and Jiya talk about how Avi should stop his advances on her.

Abhi is an eye specialist who will check contestants whom they think have lost their vision in the game and have blurred vision.

Jiya will be an oral expert who will treat the most liar contestants with 4 patients at least while Avinash will be a physiotherapist who will treat the most lazy people.

All the doctors will have to treat at least four patients and state the name of the patient who is sick the most.

The task starts and Abhi calls Falaq telling her that her relationship with Avi is not clear while Falak tells her that she is processing that only.

Meanwhile, Manisha goes around with a stethoscope hearing people's heartbeats.

Abhi calls Bebika next while Bebika and Avi start teasing him and treat Abhi only.

Elvish is called by Abhi next while he gives proper answers to Abhi's questions impressing everyone and Aashika gets called as the last patient.

Abhi chooses Elvish as is most sick patient after which he sits on the chair and reads the board written in Abhi's tent.

Afterward, Jiya, the oral expert calls Manisha first and tells her that there has been a change in her after she became the captain.

Manisha agrees saying that people become responsible when they have responsibilities on their shoulders.

Bebika starts interrupting their conversation while Avi laughs saying that Jiya is invisible now.

Aashika speaks up for herself!

Jiya makes Manisha leave after which she calls Bebika as her next patient.

Jiya calls Falaq and Elvish as her last patients after which she announces Elvish has her most sick patient and makes him use a whole bottle of mouthwash.

Further, it is time for Avinash and he calls Manisha as his first patient and Aashika the next.

Both of them argue that they are not the laziest and Avi calls Bebika and Jad Hadid the next.

Avi chooses Aashika as his most sick patient and makes her sit by the pool as all the contestants shower her with cold water.

Afterward, Aashika ignores Avinash and Jiya while Avi continues pestering her saying that she is making an excuse that she does not have her towel.

Bigg Boss announces that the BB Health Camp task has been completed while Avi tells Aashika that she should have jumped into the pool as per the task directions.

In the evening, Manisha teases asking Falaq if she has fallen in love with Avi.

Falaq denies after which Manisha goes and hugs Avinash who says that he is always ready for positive vibes.

They hug and Manisha tells him I love you while Avinash realizes that she is trying to make Falaq jealous and laughs.

Falaq and Bebika start talking ill about Manisha while Manisha and Abhi joke with others while suggesting Elvish flirt with her as she is sure Bebika will propose to him.

Later, Avi and Elvish get into an argument while Elvish tells Jiya to not be a dog and talk from behind.

Falaq taunts even Manisha and Bebika for not speaking up for women when Elvish insulted her and Jiya.

Meanwhile, Abhi tells Elvish to be careful of the wording he uses as the whole nation will be watching them.

End of today's 17th July 2023 Bigg Boss OTT 2 written update.

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