Bigg Boss OTT 2 17th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Bigg Boss OTT 2 17th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 17th June 2023 episode starts with Salman Khan saying that this season will be filled with hangovers such as friendship hangover and the hangover of watching BB OTT 2 Live 24/7.

The frame changes as Salman walks onto the stage and dances to his famous 'Hangover' song.

Janta Ki Panel!

Further, Salman finally gives his famous multilingual greeting while actress Pooja Bhatt comes from being him.

He asks her how she ended up there and she says that she saw the love of Bigg Boss fans and came to know what is different this season.

Salman Khan tells her that this season's contestants will be OTT (Over The Top) and introduces the panel consisting of Dibang, Ajay Jadeja, Sunny Leone, MC Stan, and Sandeep Sikcand.

BB Currency is the main deal

He goes on to state that the Janta has already given their ranking to the contestants which is going to matter a lot to the contestants for them to stay in the BB House.

Pooja asks him what he means and Salman reveals to her that the higher the ranking, the more BB Money they will get.

He finally asks what Pooja is doing there and she says that she is the voice of the Janta and goes to sit with the panel.

Introducing the first contestant, Salman says that this contestant is known for her protectiveness over her family.

#Womaniya arrives!

Falaq Naaz appears on the stage she tells the camera/audience that she has been called a lot of nicknames by her fans but after a certain event, she was only called Sheezan Khan's sister.

She walks onto the stage and greets Salman who tells her that she should not let her past hinder her present and show herself in the show.

Further, Salman asks her if she's going to cry and she states that she is a very emotional person and cries even when she is angry or fighting.

He asks her many questions about scenarios that can happen inside the house.

Before Falaq goes inside the BB house, her family also comes there on the stage and bid her goodbye.

Once the family leaves, Salman reveals to Falaq that she is on the 9th rank (30,000 BB Coins) as per Janta but it can change according to the panel's (Janta Ki Panel) decision.

The Panel asks her many questions and Falaq goofily answers them making Falaq go higher in rank 4 gaining 1,05,000 BB currency.

Falaq enters the BB House with BB Currency and her magnetic name tag in her hand as Bigg Boss welcomes her warmly and asks her to look around the house and select the bed she would like to choose.

Each bed has its own benefits with its price written on it and Falaq spends 35,000 buying the Corner Me Time Bed.

Heroine Jiya makes her entry!

The second contestant, Jiya Sankar makes her entry with a beautiful performance.

Salman asks her silly questions while she entertains with her chill personality.

Salman also introduces the third contestant, Abhishek Malhan AKA Fukraa Insaan, a famous Indian YouTuber.

A montage of Fukra Insaan is shown while Salman Khan teases him for being lazy as he himself stated this.

Salman asks whether he will be lazy inside the house too or not and he states that he won't be but when needed, he will be.

Fukraa and Heroine are in a pair!

Jiya then speaks that she won't do any work for Fukra Insaan due to which Abhishek says that he found Jiya pretty but now after her answer, he didn't.

Salman then reveals that Fukra Insaan is at the top with Bigg Boss currency at 1,50,000 rupees while Jiya is at 4th.

Sunny Leone asks Abhishek a question about what he will do when the other contestants don't like his overconfidence while Jiya says he is very quick to judge.

Dibang talks to Abhishek and tells him to blow off a little of his confidence while Abhi reasons that he was just over-excited.

In the end, Dibang gives both of them the 6th rank (75,000) as a pair which is nothing for two ppl inside the BB house.

Abhi's family (all YouTubers except for his father) shocks Salman as he gives them the money and tells them to go inside.

They both enter the BB House and buy a double bed for 40,000 currency.

Parvati enters the BB house!

Salman talks about the fourth contestant and welcomes #TeekhiPuri AKA Akanksha Puri.

Akanksha graces the stage and Salman welcomes her finally as a contestant and not as a challenger or a guest.

The Panel talks to Akanksha and she also asks MC Stan for tips who tells her to be real.

Sandeep asks her what will be status once she enters and she says that she is Single.

Finally, the Panel puts her on hold as they do not find her real and makes her sit on a thorn chair.

Greatest OF All Time!

Salman welcomes OTT #4 GOAT, none other than genius prodigy Cyrus Broacha.

Cyrus entertains everyone with his multiple personalities in a single performance.

Salman interviews Cyrus and introduces the Panel to him.

Cyrus humors the audience with his answers while Cyrus' wife reveals that Salman had gotten her thrown off of the set when she was photographing him.

Salman apologizes even though he says that he does not remember it.

Being ranked in 2nd position, Cyrus enters the BB House with 1,35,000 BB Currency.

As soon as he enters the house, he comments on buying followers which hurts Abhi.

Cyrus spends 85,000 and gets a bed for himself.

Bihari Queen makes her entry!

Manisha Rani introduces herself as the queen of Bihar whom the boys fawn over.

She gets on the stage and shows her over-excited ness while rhyming all her sentences.

Manisha hugs Salman and makes everyone laugh with her bubbly personality while Salman requests her to let him talk.

Salman tells him to choose between Dabang or MC Stan while Stan says that he already has Bubaa.

Manisha states that she got no feelings for him and Dabang thanks her.

Seeing the video from her family, Manisha gets emotional which is very different from her bubbly personality.

Teachers in Bigg Boss OTT!

She brings out a special dish for Salman but Salman blindfolds her and welcomes another contestant Model and Actor Jad Hadid.

Salman makes Manisha talk to him and their interaction humors the audience.

She makes him eat the dish and even does his aarti while he hugs her.

They both decide to each other English and Hindi.

Ultimately, the Panel ranks Jad at 5th position with 90,000 while Manisha at 8th gets 45,000 currency.

Inside the house, Abhi and Cyrus talk to each other while the ladies feel the tension between them and find it awkward.

Jad buys the Top Bunk Bed for 60,000 as Jiya and Falaq befriend him while Manisha buys the 3 for 1 bed for 10,000.

Siddique in the House!

Salman welcomes contestant Aaliya Siddiqui, wife of Nawazuddin Siddiqui who says that she is there to introduce herself as her own personality and not just a star-wife.

The panel questions her about her relationship with Nawaz while she speaks about it with complete confidence.

Aaliya also gets put on hold and sits with Akanksha.

Salman's astrology!

Astrologer Janardan comes on stage and tells Salman that his daughter is going to be a participant.

Bebika Dhruve comes on stage and Salman welcomes her stating that she has come from Dubai all the way.

Bebika talks about the unique story behind her name and says that she is a dentist, model, actress, and also astrologer.

She also reads Aaliya and Akanksha while the panel judges them saying that she is going to use her astrology to her advantage in the show.

Bebika ends up on the holding chair and she joins Aaliya and Akanksha.

Is Avinash on a love boat?

Further, Avinash Sachdeva makes his entry while a clip of him bashing girls/girlfriends are shown.

He stands in front of Salman and says that his girlfriends become his Mummy after some time in their relationship which he does not like.

Dhruv's ex and a contestant, Palak Puraswani is also welcomed on the show, and his face falls.

Salman asks if they have a history together and scolds the production saying that he does not want embarrassing moments.

They both ignore each other while Salman tells them to sort out their loose stands.

Shockingly, Salman reveals that Palak broke the rule of not disclosing her entry in the BB Show and bashes her while she continues saying that she did not do it intentionally.

AstroBaby enters the BB House with Aaliya!

The Panel also says that they have nothing to tell Palak.

Avinash gets 1,20,000 BB currency with 3rd rank and is sent to enter the house.

Inside the house, all the housemates are chatting and getting to know each other while Avinash enters the house and hugs his friend Jiya.

He starts gossiping about Palak while on the stage, the Panel puts Palak on hold and sends Bebika inside the house with 9th rank and 30,000.

Aaliya goes inside with 10,000 at 11th rank.

Both Aaliya and Bebika select the 3 for 1 bed for 10,000 each.

Another SUPERSTAR on BB Stage!

Salman welcomes the reel comedy-famous Puneet Superstar.

A clip of Puneet doing his usual comedy makes the panel and everyone laugh as Puneet makes his entry.

Salman calms him and tells him to give away the phone as phones are not allowed.

Puneet jokes about how he goes to Surat to get free clothes since he has to spend money to get them in Mumbai.

The panel asks him about his 'cringe' videos while Puneet says that it is just what he knows.

In the end, the Panel drops him from 2nd to 10th rank and sends him into the BB House with 20,000.

Puneet enters the house in a dull mood while Abhi welcomes him enthusiastically and encourages him.

Abhi also introduces him to all the other contestants and gets worried as he has not enough money for any bed.

The 13th OTT-ian revealed!

Salman reveals Pooja Bhatt as the 13th contestant and Salman wishes her good luck as he gives her the 1st rank and 1,50,000 BB Currency.

Pooja enters the house and the contestants are shocked to see her.

In the end, both Palak and Akankha are allowed to enter the BB House but with BB no currency.

Meanwhile, Avinash argues with Abhi since Abhi said that he does not know Pooja Bhatt.

At the same time, Manisha tries to converse with Jad and calls him Sanskari while he tells her that he did not have a good upbringing.

He talks about how he grew up and the contestants get shocked while Puneet does comedy in the bathroom area.

He wastes toothpaste and face wash by applying it on his face.

End of Today's 17th June 2023 Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023 Episode.

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