Bigg Boss OTT 2 1st August 2023 Written Update, Episode 46

Bigg Boss OTT 2 1st August 2023 Written Update, Episode 46

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 1st August 2023 episode (Day 45) starts with all the housemates waking up to an energetic song as they go to the garden and dance.

Bebika Dhurve asks Pooja Bhatt about the fight between Jad Hadid and Jiya Shankar.

Pooja states that Jiya wants to make it clear that she did not make a personal comment on Jad while Bebika starts siding with Jad.

Further, Pooja sits with Avinash Sachdev and tells him how Bebika is trying to get the gossip.

Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav tell Manisha Rani about how the other team did not like that she was happy even when she was in jail.

Manisha laughs saying that they do not want to see her smiling while they talk about the other team being in a parallel BB universe.

Jad gets a surprise!

Avinash passes by them and Abhi jokes that Avi will run to Pooja and tell her everything that is happening.

Back in the kitchen, Manisha states that only she and Abhi are the ones who stand up against Pooja.

Abhi jokes that he will rebel against Pooja after getting influenced by Manisha.

Later, the housemates hear a child's laugh and get curious as they sit in the living room area.

They get surprised to see Jad's daughter on screen as she tells her father how her life is going and how much she misses him.

Bigg Boss reveals that today the BB House has turned into BB Hotel today and the guests are going to be the family members of the contestants.

Avinash reads the instructions and informs that this is a captaincy task.

Welcome to BB Hotel!

Abhishek is the manager of the hotel and will assign the receptionist, Chef, and housekeeping duties while the guests will get to give a star to the housemate of their choice except for their relative.

In the first round, Abhi makes Manisha the receptionist and Jiya-Avi the chef with the rest being housekeepers.

The guest to enter the house is Avinash's mother, Pooja Sachdev while she laughs with Pooja Bhatt over their shared names.

Abhi and Manisha start showing her around the house while Pooja Bhatt argues that Manisha looks fraudulent as she is supposed to stand at her receptionist's desk.

Further, Bebika and Pooja Bhatt do Pooja Sachdev's manicure-pedicure while Jad brings a cold coffee for her.

Pooja gives her star to Pooja Bhatt before leaving.

In the next round, Abhi makes Avinash the receptionist and Jiya-Manisha the chef while the rest of the housemates are housekeepers.

Manisha's Father comes in!

Manisha's father, Manoj enters and Manisha gets emotional seeing him as she starts joking with him asking him if she is going to be kicked out of the house or not.

Pooja and her team get annoyed seeing Manisha overjoyed and look with a disdained face.

He tells Pooja that he has given his daughter a lot of manners while Pooja nods saying that Manisha is ahead of everyone.

Later, Manoj tells Manisha, Abhi, and Elvish that other housemates are trying to separate them but Abhi has held the group together.

Manisha jokes to Elvish that they should talk about their marriage now that her parent is there while Manoj jokes that Manisha is like that only.

Jad comes there and Manoj appreciates him while Bebika comes there to serve him juice.

Manisha asks Bebika to read Manoj's hand and she tells him that he has a chance of second marriage in his life making Manisha happy.

Before leaving, Manoj dances with the housemates and gives his star to Abhi.

Dimple Malhan comes, making Abhishek emotional!

Manisha hugs Abhi and tells him that she is happy her father loved their friendship.

Abhi cries getting emotional while she hugs and tells him to be happy since his parents will also come.

On the other end, Elvish sits alone by the entrance door and waits for his family members to arrive while getting emotional.

Pooja and Abhi console him while he guesses that either his or Abhi's parents will come next.

Dimple greets everyone one by one while especially asking Elvish how he is since he got emotional when he saw his mother.

Meanwhile, Manisha compliments Dimple on looking hot and beautiful compared to them.

Dimple jokes with Pooja that due to Bigg Boss' house, Abhishek has started to eat things he wouldn't eat back at home.

BB also welcomes Dimple, announcing that she will stay overnight as everyone gives her a tour of the house.

In the bedroom area, Abhi hugs Dimple again, crying while she comforts and wipes his tears with a napkin.

She tells him that he has done a big feat by sustaining himself till now in this house.

They talk about how great Abhi is doing while everyone teases Jiya to impress Dimple.

Just then, Elvish brings food for Dimple and she makes him and Abhi eat with her hands.

Around 7 PM, Bebika meets Dimple and says she was scared to meet her since she has fought so much with Abhishek.

Dimple comforts her as Jiya and Manisha listen to their conversation and they all say sorry to Bebika as she has been upset for the past few days.

Later, Dimple tells Abhi that she didn't like him calling Avinash old and "nalla".

Everyone surrounds Mrs. Malhan and Jad tells her that Abhi and Bebika's fight gave all of them the most trouble that he used to sleep with a migraine.

However, Dimple tells Bebika that she just saw Abhi here so aggressively because, at home, he is the calmest of them all.

Later, Bebika tells Jad that Jiya was trying to impress Dimple saying she got engaged to Abhi but Dimple savagely told her that it was BB which was trying to make it seem like that.

Abhishek WANTS TO WIN!

Afterwards, Jad calls Jiya cheap when Avinash says that he cannot get her words out of his mind when she said I cannot let my friend go ahead.

In the kitchen, Jiya is weeping which Pooja notices and talks to Jad about it.

Abhi and Dimple again talk in private after she gets a manicure by Elvish.

Abhi says that for him, a wild card can never be a winner since the toughest battle is only in the first two weeks which is to adjust while his mother agrees with his viewpoint.

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