Bigg Boss OTT 2 21st July 2023 Written Update, Episode 35

Bigg Boss OTT 2 21st July 2023 Written Update, Episode 35

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 21st July 2023 episode (Day 34) starts with all the housemates waking up to a trendy song that makes them go to the garden and dance.

Elvish Yadav complains to Abhishek Malhan about Avinash Sachdev's hypocrisy since he himself takes up a lot of place on the bed.

Abhi jokes that Avi likes him while Elvish says that he does not want this kind of likeness.

Abhi becomes Sanchalak for CAPTANCY!

Aashika Bhatia comes there and Abhi jokes that Elvish is complaining that she doesn't cuddle with him.

She tells them that her cuddles will be very pricy for them making both of them laugh.

Further, Abhi, Elvish, and Aashika talk about the captaincy and state that they would like Pooja Bhatt to be the captain from all the contenders for the captaincy race.

Later, Bigg Boss says that it is time for the captaincy task and tells Bebika Dhurve to go and read the instructions for the task.

In the captaincy task, the participants will have to collect the clay from the middle of the garden and put them on their signs/boards.

The person with the most clay at the end of each round will be announced the winner and the winner will get to remove one person from the race.

Abhishek will be the coordinator for the task while Manisha Rami, Jiya Shankar, Aashika Bhatia, Elvish Yadav, and Abhi himself will be able to participate in the task by removing the clay from the contestants.

Further, Abhi makes Bebika apologize to him and even do sit-ups while telling her that he will support her in the task.

The task starts and Jiya starts removing the clay from Bebika's sign while Manisha and Elvish start removing clay from Falak Naaz's sign.

Aashika removes the clay from Avinash Sachdev's sign while he warns her that he will fight back if he interuppts him.

He pushes her and she shouts at him telling him to not get physical in the task.

Manisha continues supporting Jad Hadid even though he ignores her while Abhi tells him that only Manisha is supporting him.

Jad emotionally manipulates Abhi telling him that their friendship is over while Abhi stops saying that he will not remove clay from his sign anymore.

In the first task, Jad becomes the winner and removes Falaq from the race reasoning that he wants to give a chance to people who have not become captains yet.

Abhi and Elvish talk about Jad while Manisha tells Jad to focus on putting clay on his sign.

Jad gets targetted?

He tells her that he doesn't like her anymore while Abhi tells Jad that he should not use other people's emotions to win the task.

Jad reasons that Abhi is the one who is sensitive and that he ruined their friendship by removing clay from his sign.

The second round starts Jad continues sulking when the clay from his sign gets removed.

He even flips off Abhi who gets upset by it and finally makes up his mind to break his friendship with Jad.

Pooja wins the second round and removes Bebika from the task.

Abhi confronts Jad who keeps on brushing off the conversation like he doesn't care.

Manisha takes Abhi to the side and tells him to support Pooja.

An argument ensues between Avinash and Abhishek due to Avi physically pushing Aashika.

In the third round, Avinash gets removed by Pooja.

Manisha takes Elvish to the side and praises him while Abhishek comes there and asks them what they are talking about seeing them together.

They talk about the possibility of Pooja making Jad the captain and they ask her while she states that she won't do such a thing.

The last round starts and Avi, Falaq, Bebika, and Jiya start removing clay from Pooja's sign while Aashika and Elvish remove the clay from Jad's sign.

Pooja becomes the new captain!

Manisha tells Jad that she loves him more than Pooja but she wants Pooja to become the captain and removes the clay from his sign.

In the last round, Abhi makes Pooja the winner with the reasoning that even though Jad has more clay on his board, his sign is not visible.

Pooja removes Jad's picture as Bigg Boss announces that Pooja is the new captain.

Bebika goes to Jiya and Avi and tells them that Pooja's victory seems fake while Avi laughs at that.

Aashika talks to Abhi and Elvish about the rudeness of Avi.

In the evening, Abhi, Manisha, Elvish, and Aashika are swimming in the pool as they convince Pooja and Bebika to come inside too.

Falaq is about to tease Manisha since she is sitting on Abhi's lap but gets interrupted by the ring from BB as the ration has been sent.

The housemates gush about the amount of ration while Pooja states that everyone should get it since it is a general ration.

Manisha talks to Elvish about Jad feeling upset that she removed his clay while Elvish tells her that she should not speak to him seeing the way he treats her.

At night, Avi complains about Abhi to Pooja and tells her that mostly everyone behaves differently with her.

In the Lenskart task, the contestants will have to choose specs for themselves and dance in groups.

The groups are Jiya-Manisha-Jad, Bebika-Abhishek-Aashika, and Avinash-Falaq-Elvish.

In the end, the first team wins the task.

Bebika and Abhi talk at night about the situation with Jad.

End of today's Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 21st July 2023 Written Update, Episode 35.

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