Bigg Boss OTT 2 21st June 2023 Written Update, Episode 5

Bigg Boss OTT 2 21st June 2023 Written Update, Episode 5

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 21st June 2023 episode (Day 4) starts with Cyrus Broacha and Pooja Bhatt talking to Jad Hadid about how he was abandoned by their parents.

They ask him how he fed himself while Jad reveals how he used to eat the leftovers that were thrown by a restaurant near his home.

He tells them how his mother came back and was shocked to see him in that state as she had genuinely thought that he was with his father.

The morning sirens blare just then and all the housemates wake up and dance to the song as Akanksha Puri brings Jad to dance with him.

Manisha-Bebika fawns over good-looking bodies!

Further, Bebika Dhurve and Manisha Rani fawn over Palak Purswani and Akanksha's bodies and talk about how much effort they put into it.

Later, Cyrus breaks his glass and Falaq Naaz helps him while Palak vents to Akanksha about Avinash Sachdeva.

However, Avinash comes there just then and talks to Akanksha while Palak says that he came because he overheard their conversation.

Meanwhile, Bebika and Manisha are making lunch while Cyrus and Pooja joke with them by using similar-sounding English words.

Cyrus-Abhi become Captain Makers!

In the dress-up area, Jad again flirts with Akanksha while she goes to Avinash and tells him to have a man-to-man talk with him.

Abhishek Malhan reveals to Palak and Aaliya Siddique that Cyrus ate 6 eggs in the morning which makes them decide to talk about it later.

Afterward, Manisha teaches the word Babu to Jad and tells him to call her that while Abhishek tells him that the word is for someone they love.

Jad starts calling Akanksha Babu while Akanksha tells him that he can call her Janu but should use Babu for Manisha only.

Bigg Boss talks to all the housemates and tells them that it is time for the season's first captaincy task.

Falaq and Akanksha become captaincy contenders!

They reveal that since Cyrus and Abhi are the content makers of the house, they will also be the captain makers.

He tells them to choose the contestant they would like to be captains and make content with them to entertain the Janta.

For Cyrus, he has a TV frame while Abhi has a mobile frame since they are more known for the given frames.

The housemates start convincing Avinash and Cyrus to choose them and in the end, Avinash selects Akanksha while Cyrus chooses Falaq.

A skit on Puneet Superstar!

Later, Manisha tells the housemates about how much Jad is paying attention to her after eliminating her which makes everyone laugh.

Abhi and Akanksha start forming ideas and decide to mimic Puneet Superstar while the housemates continue to gossip about it.

On the other hand, Falaq and Cyrus judge and mimic all the housemates and make everyone laugh.

Once they are out of there, Bebika tells Falaq that she did very nicely and she would have voted for her if she could.


Jad talks about how he is excited since he is living with people he knows nothing about and he wants to explore after he vents how he feels humiliated.

Further, Bebika tells Abhi that he made a mistake in choosing Akanksha while Abhi sarcastically tells her that she is the best.

Manisha gets drunk?

At night, Manisha acts drunk and tells the contestants about her father who gets jolly once he gets drunk.

On the other hand, Pooja and Bebika talk about their bonds on a spiritual level while Pooja talks about her bond with her father and her married life.

She talks about how she wanted kids but not at that time and how she did not want to lie to herself and her then-husband.

Bebika sits with Manisha and they joke about men as they request Bigg Boss for good-looking men who flirt with her.

Falaq is the New Captain!

Into the night, Bigg Boss reveals that they have the results and reveals that Cyrus' content was more liked by Janta making Falaq the first captain of Bigg Boss OTT 2.

For the reward, Cyrus asks for mutton.

Bebika jokes that Akanksha has options between Abhi and Jad which offends Abhi.

He argues with Bebika and she tells him to consider her dead for him.

Abhi goes to Aaliya and tries to comfort her by talking to her seeing that she is crying remembering her daughter and her son.

At the same time, Abhi goes to Akanksha and tells her about Bebika's comment.

Bebika feels targeted!

Both Palak and Abhi push Akanksha to talk to Bebika and Akanksha does so which creates an argument between them which escalates.

Later, Pooja and Cyrus are comforting Bebika who talks about how she feels targeted by everyone and states that she does not want to live here with peanut-sized brain people.

She tells Abhi to not talk to her and talks about how he does not have the manners to talk to girls.

Manisha later lies with Bebika in the pillow pool and they talk while Aaliya goes to others and says that it's a good day since she'll be sleeping in the bed alone.

End of Today's 21st June 2023 Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023 Episode 5.

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