Bigg Boss OTT 2 22nd July 2023 Written Update, Episode 36

Bigg Boss OTT 2 22nd July 2023 Written Update, Episode 36

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 22nd July 2023 episode (Day 35) starts with Salman Khan greeting the audience and telling about the change in weather ever since Pooja Bhatt became the captain.

Inside the house, Pooja is telling Bebika Dhurve that Manisha Rani is not going to make breakfast and asks her what she has planned for lunch.

Bebika and Pooja argue?

Bebika tells her to ask the whole house and then tell her what to make since the captain tells her what to make.

Pooja tells her to not play this game with her and orders her to make the same menu she had made the previous day.

Bebika goes to Falaq Naaz and Avinash Sachdev trying to get people on her side but Falaq starts arguing with her only telling her that she is taking Pooja wrongly.

Meanwhile, Aashika Bhatia gets teased by Abhishek Malhan, Elvish Yadav, and Manisha Rani who joke that they are going to get more snacks and coffee if she gets eliminated.

She tells Abhi that he uses kindness to win fights and is two-wayed with the contestants which upset Abhi.

Bebika and Pooja sit together and sort out their arguments while Aashika also apologizes to Abhi for saying that he is too kind in the wrong way.

While Elvish is taking Parantha's, Falaq comments on it making him upset.

He tells her that she should work in his NGO since he doesn't know how to calculate things when they are eating.

Elvish confronts her while she says that it is his misunderstanding and leaves from there to gossip to Jiya Shankar and Avi.

Meanwhile, Elvish talks to Manisha and Abhi about how Falaq is making an argument out of nothing.

Later, Manisha sits with Jad Hadid and asks him if he's angry with her because of yesterday while he tells her that he doesn't care as he expected it.

He tells her that everything is for the camera when it comes to her and that his words do not hold value to her anymore.

She gets emotional and leaves while Jad tells her to not cry about it.

Manisha feels hurt

Bebika talks to Aashika and asks her if she saw Manisha's personality changing and her mask slipping while Aashika says that even when she met Manisha outside, she was still her bubbly personality.

Abhi, Aashika, and Manisha are sitting together later as the girls tease Abhi that Bebika has subconsciously started liking him.

He gives a flying kiss to Bebika while she cuts up his imaginary kiss throwing it in the dustbin while Abhi sarcastically apologizes to God for such a sin.

At the same time, Jiya also sits down with Jad in need of closure and cries while revealing that she gets jealous when he gives his attention to someone else.

Abhi goes to sit with Bebika and teases her while Pooja comes to them and tells them that they fight in their immaturity and then come back together which is why they cannot stay awake from each other.

He jokingly asks Bebika if they have that much love between them while she swats him like a fly.

Further into the night, Jad tells the housemates about how Aashika was sleeping making them laugh.

Bebika, Jiya, Avi, and Falaq tease each other and ruin the other housemate's sleep.

Afterward, Salman Khan greets the housemates and tells Avi to bring something from the storage room.

Salman schools Jiya

Avi brings a bowl of chili powder and water while asking Jiya who should consume it.

Jiya laughs as she tells him that she should as she knows she made the silly mistake of adding soap in Elvish's water.

Salman tells Jiya to leave it and recites the ingredients of the handwash while reminding her that they are very toxic.

He asks if she has ever played with the stray dogs she has encountered in her life and tells her that even the dogs are given clear water.

Salman talks about how Jiya even enjoyed Elvish's suffering and let him drink the water.

He says that he hates bystanders and asks who all knew about the soap being added to the glass of water.

The housemates raise their hands while Salman asks Avi why he laughed and did not warn Elvish even after knowing about it.

Salman reminds Jiya that she was smiling throughout everything and did not even show an ounce of guilt while Jiya continues to smile saying that she is still feeling guilty.

The screen goes blank while Jiya again apologizes to Elvish who accepts the apology very calmly.

Meanwhile, Pooja points out how Falaq has selective anger since she would have flipped in anger if someone had done this to Jiya.

Further, the housemates are given a task where have to select one contestant whom they think is two-faced.

Jiya is selected the most as the two-faced contestant.

The task ends and Falaq apologizes to Pooja for not talking to her again while Pooja tells her to not worry about it.

Salman greets the housemates once again and asks Avi why he thinks Aashika and Abhi consider him fake.

He says that he wants to uncover only one contestant and tells the housemates to guess.

Many contestants take Manisha's name while Salman clarifies that she is not wearing any type of mask but has a shop full of masks.

He asks them what the big deal is she has friendship and fights for her convenience.

Salman says that Manisha influences Aashika and Elvish for her own benefit and that there is nothing wrong since that is what the game is.

He also talks about how Manisha is trying to play Love Guru and advises her to not do it since she is forcing it on the contestants and the audience.

Salman leaves while Abhi and Pooja console Manisha explaining to her what Salman was trying to tell her.

End of today's Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 22nd July 2023 Written Update, Episode 36.

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