Bigg Boss OTT 2 25th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 9

Bigg Boss OTT 2 25th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 9

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 25th June 2023 episode (Day 10) starts with Salman Khan greeting the audience once again with his famous multilingual greeting.

He tells the housemates that his conversation was cut in the middle and talks about Avinash Sachdeva having great general knowledge.

Salman Khan bashes Avinash!

He says that Avinash is a great teacher and asks Jiya Shankar and Falaq Naaz who are his supposed students.

They both lie that they are not good students while Salman reveals to him how boring he sounds.

Further, Salman asks both him and Palak Puraswani to reveal what is the deal between them as they both say that their chapter has ended.

Salman goes on to sarcastically say that both Palak and Avinash will have no one to talk to if Jiya leaves and that Avinash will have to search for a new topic if Palak leaves.

Jiya speaks her mind!

He goes on to ask Jiya why she doesn't talk about the inside contestants and talks about outside contestants only.

Jiya laughs it off while Salman goes on to the next topic saying that Jiya wants to talk about the inside contestants but isn't doing so.

He tells Jiya that he is giving her the chance to speak and Jiya talks about how she is a little afraid of Pooja Bhatt and has a little problem with Falaq.

Falaq should be strict

Salman tells Falaq that she was making efforts only till she was not a captain and asks her which rules have been broken this week.

Falaq states that the rule about sleeping in the daytime and not speaking in English has been broken the most.

He goes on to ask the contestants who think that Falaq is a good captain or not.

Many contestants raise their hands against Falaq and Salman advises her to maintain her authority.

Afterward, Salman reveals that it is Bebika Dhurve's birthday the next day and says that it will be celebrated today only since they don't know whether she will be there the next day or not.

BB Family celebrates Bebika's birthday!

A cake is brought and before Bebika can cut it, Salman stops her and tells her that the wish will be fulfilled by others.

He tells her to feed the cake to all the contestants while telling them which bad trait they should change.

Salman also tells her to talk about her bad trait and tells her to come out of the house as it is her last day.

The housemates refuse to accept that Bebika is eliminated and continue eating cake while Salman calls them all insensitive.

Pinky teases the housemates!

Later, Salman welcomes Janta Ki Awaaz when comedian Krushna Abhishek comes there in a female disguise.

He jokes with Salman stating that he should stay single only while Salman states that he is walking around in a female disguise after getting married.

Krushna greets all the housemates and gives them small taunts in the form of comments.

Abhishek also flirts with Jad Hadid and Cyrus Broacha while gifting Cyrus Pajamas with his persona's name, Pinky Promise before leaving.

Afterward, Salman asks Abhishek Malhan about cancel culture and he reveals that it is when the fans boycott the artist for any given reason.

Housemates execute #CancelCulture!

Going by this cancel culture only, Salman tells the housemates to give one name of the OTTian whom they would like to cancel and spray foam on their faces.

Bebika gets foamed by Akanksha, Palak, Aaliya, Jiya, and Abhi while Manisha Rani chooses Akanksha.

Cyrus boycotts Abhi while Bebika boycotts Akanksha.

Falaq and Pooja also boycott Abhi over his short-tempered attitude and foul mouth.

Jad and Avinash also shockingly boycott Akanksha and says she should have been more mature when she was in jail.

Salman says that Bebika's name is the most taken and tells the housemates to wonder who might be eliminated from Jiya, Avinash, Bebika, or Jiya.


Finally, Salman reveals that Bebika, Jiya, and Avinash are safe one by one leaving Palak to be eliminated.

Salman bids them goodbye and the screen goes off as the housemates start telling Palak their goodbyes.

Afterward, Avinash asks Bebika why she took his name and the conversation turns into an argument.

Abhi goes to Pooja and Falaq and apologizes to them while Bebika tells Cyrus that Avi is bullying her.

On the other hand, Jiya and Falaq also fight while Avi tries to dispute their argument.

Jiya gets exposed!

Avinash, Pooja, and Falaq tell Abhi about how Jiya is the gossip girl in their house.

Manisha tries to calm Bebika who is still in a bad mood.

Meanwhile, on the set, Salman welcomes actress Rakul Preet Singh who is there to promote her romantic thriller I Love You, and sends her inside the BB House.

Rakul enters the house and greets all the housemates while telling them that she has a take for them.

She asks all the contestants to say I love you in their own way for certain persons.

Avinash brings the tray from the storeroom and tells the female contestants to give a red heart to the male contestants who have made a place in their hearts and a black heart for those who have not.

Akanksha gives the red heart to Abhishek and the black one to Cyrus while Manisha gives her red one to Jad and the black one to Avinash.

Rakul Preet inside BB House!

Jiya also gives her red heart to Jad and gives the black heart to Cyrus.

Bebika gives the red heart to Cyrus and the black one to Abhi which is very predictable.

Pooja gives her red heart to Abhishek while giving the black one to Cyrus in a humorous way.

Falaq calls Jad her brother and gives him the red heart while giving the black one in the Cyrus for eating her eggs.

Aaliya gives her heart to Abhi while giving the black one to Avi.

Rakul bids the housemates goodbye and leaves while Abhi and Manisha tease each other.

Manisha asks him how many hearts did he want and he tells her that he wanted her red heart at least.

Salman tells the audience that there is a BBVerse and tells them that from now on Krushna will take over.

Inside the BB House, Krushna greets all the housemates and tells them that he has come here as himself and is going to open a new section of the house.

Jad feels humiliated!

He tells Cyrus to come forward and shows him two plates filled with flour while revealing that it is to give answers.

Krishna asks him questions and Cyrus gives answers by putting the face of the person into the flour who is the answer.

When asked who is playing the love game, Cyrus puts Akanksha's face into the flour.

Afterward, Manisha is called for the questions while Akanksha and Jiya are the options.

Manisha reveals that she considers Akanksha more fake while Jiya is more self-absorbed.

Lastly, Abhi introduces the BBVerse and tells Cyrus that he is selected for this week.

However, Cyrus has to bring one partner and he selects Jad.

Once inside, Abhishek makes Jad sit in a special section and tells him that he has to read Janta's comments without a pause so that Cyrus can continue eating.

Jad tries his best as many fluids continue to get thrown on him.

Krushna bids them goodbye and leaves while Jad sits with Jiya and reveals to her how he felt humiliated sitting.

When Manisha comes to talk to him, Jiya tries to make her leave saying that she is talking to Jad.

End of Today's 25th June 2023 Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023 Episode 9.

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