Bigg Boss OTT 2 26th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 40

Bigg Boss OTT 2 26th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 40

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 26th July 2023 episode (Day 39) starts with all the housemates waking up to an energetic song as the housemates start making their beds.

Manisha Rani tells Elvish Yadav to listen to her flirting as she will not be doing it for long.

On the other hand, Pooja Bhatt compliments Jiya Shankar in front of Bebika Dhurve for making the exact quantity of food for the housemates.

Manisha flirts with Elvish!

Manisha teases Elvish telling him that if her father kicks her out of the house, he will have to give her a 2BHK flat to live in.

He tells her that he will give her a 4BHK flat instead making her and Aashika Bhatia impressed.

Bebika tells Pooja that she does not want to do the cooking duty anymore while Pooja agrees commenting that only her enemies live in the house.

Avinash Sachdev goes to Bebika and tries to console her telling her to not take every comment to her heart.

Bebika reasons that she is just like that and tells them to eat food made by Jiya since everyone is complimenting her so much.

Further, Bigg Boss calls a meeting and surprises them by saying that it is time for the Ticket To Finale task which will give one contestant the chance to go directly into the Finale.

The housemates get surprised and excited hearing it while Bigg Boss tells them that the Housemates will be divided into three teams who will perform in the Viral Video Task and get votes from the viewers.

The winning team will go further into the final Ticket to Finale Task and compete against each other.

Team A consists of Avinash Sachdev, Aashika Bhatia, and Jad Hadid while Team B consists of Pooja Bhatt, Abhishek Malhan, and Manisha Rani.

Lastly, Team C consists of Elvish Yadav, Bebika Dhurve, and Jiya Shankar.

The housemates have to talk about real things and topics inside the BB House since it is a reality show.

Team A performs first and talks to all the housemates about various topics.

Team B goes next and Abhishek starts talking to Pooja and other housemates about interesting spicy topics inside the house.

Bebika says that he's being fake while Abhi tells her to not interfere in his task.

Manisha asks Jiya about her equation with Abhishek while both Bebika and Pooja tell her that she is being fake.

Elvish wins hearts!

Manisha gets angry and tells them that she is real like that only and that they are pushing their false narrative on her.

Elvish telling Aashika that he would cover a girl he cares about so other people do not look at her in a bad way. Bebika also supports this and jokes with Elvish that he never hid her.

On the other hand, Abhi is happily talking to Jiya and she says that she has seen his heart.

Abhi asks her how can it be while she tells him flirtily that since he sleeps with her, she sees his cute face every day.

Bebika then goes to the garden area where Jad and Avinash are talking.

She tells Jad that people in this house are jealous of their bond and Jad agrees.

Bebika urges him to tell Jiya that she is jealous of their bond but Jad states that it is clear and they don't have to talk it out.

In the bedroom, Elvish goes to talk to Manisha and questions why she flirts with him.

He tells her that he understands that she does it for fun but outside, people might take it the wrong way and since he has a beloved outside, he doesn't want their bond to be portrayed the wrong way.

Jiya and Abhi then talk about Avinash and laugh amongst each other.

In the bedroom, Elvish brings Bebika and asks her to reconsider how she behaved with Manisha but Bebika doesn't budge.

Abhi also joins them while Elvish asks if Bebika knows whether she knows if she is being shown positively or negatively.

Elvish says that he has come from outside and knows that the public's POV is that Bebika is shown negatively.

Elvish then asks if Abhi got insecure when he entered but at the end, both of them hug as Elvish says that he doesn't care whether he wins or Abhi as both of them are from the Youtube community.

In the end, Bigg Boss announces Team C as the winning shocking everyone as they think that they were better than that team.

Bebika tells Elvish that she is upset he doesn't think of her as capable to be a finalist.

Bebika upset with Elvish

However, Elvish tells her that she has gotten better competition to show off her strength to the audience.

At night, Manisha flirts with Elvish telling him that he was awoken her hidden Shakira and that she knows he does like him.

They don't take her seriously while she cries saying that people don't take girls seriously who flirt.

Further, Abhishek tells Manisha that he is giving her a dare to make Avi smile since he has been gloomy since Falaq left.

Manisha goes to him and flirts with him telling him that he looks handsome while Abhi continues interrupting them.

Bebika tries to teasingly joke with Jad and Avinash but Pooja shuts her down telling her that she has been offensive the whole day.

Manisha confesses to Elvish?

She tells Bebika that from the moment she woke up, she has been looking for a fight with anyone who is willing.

Bebika leaves there while Pooja comments after telling her to go on and sulk about it.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Jiya jokingly asks Abhi if he is going to support her while he tells her that he wants to make Elvish the winner of the task.

At the same time, Manisha sits with Elvish him that she has really fallen in love with him while she continues laughing.

Finally, Pooja goes to Bebika and starts annoying her in hopes of getting her to talk while Bebika says that she will not hear her speak to her again.

End of today's Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 26th July 2023 Written Update.

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