Bigg Boss OTT 2 28th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 42

Bigg Boss OTT 2 28th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 42

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 28th July 2023 episode (Day 41) starts with all the housemates waking up to a trendy song.

Bebika Dhurve goes to the garden and dances while Pooja Bhatt dances with Manisha Rani and Aashika Bhatia in the bathroom area.

Further, Avinash Sachdev talks about Abhishek Malhan being against him for having a different tactic. 

At the same time, Abhishek and Elvish Yadav talk aboit how they have to live like civil people in smoking manners. 

Bigg Boss calls a meeting in the living area and tells them about how the perfect casting is essential and tells Producer Pooja that she has come to the Bigg Boss house for her new film's casting. 

In the task, at the sound of chimes, the contestants will go into Pooja's office (activity room), and give their auditions for the role stated by Bigg Boss. 

The audience will also be judging Pooja's casting decisions and the results will have a heavy influence on their ration. 

Pooja becomes the casting director! 

Pooja goes into the activity room and Bigg Boss announces that the first role to be cast is of the villain, a contestant who has shown their evil side very interestingly in the show which has made the producer want to cast that person as the villain also. 

For the role of villain, Pooja calls Manisha, Elvish, and Bebika in for an audition. 

Manisha goes in first and talks about herself stating that she does not consider herself a villain at any cost. 

Pooja states that there is no use in talking to her as the argument continues escalating while Manisha says that she will come in if the role is of heroin. 

Elvish goes next and Pooja starts telling him how he has an attractive and bad boy aura to him which makes him perfect for the role of a smart villain and makes him do a scene. 

Bebika goes afterward and Pooja asks her why everyone thinks of her as the villain. 

She replies that her honesty is brutal which makes her a villain in everyone's eyes. 

Pooja also gives her some scenes next and announces Bebika as the villain. 

The next role to be cast is for Hero Ka Dost (The hero's loyal companion) and Pooja calls Aashika and Jad Hadid in for an audition. 

Manisha argues with Pooja! 

Aashika goes first and she straight off states that she does not think of herself as only the sidekick while Jad goes next. 

Pooja chooses Jad as the Hero Ka Dost. 

The next role up for casting is of passing shot whose dialogues do not matter and Pooja calls Aashika and Manisha in for an audition. 

She chooses Manisha for a role making her upset. 

Heroin's casting is done next and Pooja calls Jiya Shankar choosing her as the Heroine of the Bigg Boss house. 

The last role is for the Crowd Ka Hissa who does not have an opinion of their own and needs others to get attention. 

Pooja calls Avinash and Aashika while choosing Aashika as Crowd Ka Hissa. 

Does Elvish reject Manisha? 

On the other hand, Manisha sits with Elvish and talks to him telling him that he has fallen in love with him and even thinks about him when she goes to sleep. 

She asks him what is his opinion while he tells her that he has already told everyone that he has someone outside of Bigg Boss house. 

Manisha sobs dramatically with a smile saying that she wonders why this happens to only her. 

Elvish tells her that he considers her a good friend and will continue to do so. 

Pooja tells Bigg Boss that she thinks Aashika has an opinion of herself but is getting lost in her family group. 

At night, Pooja complains to her group about Manisha being stubborn and not being listening to her while Manisha tells her friends that Pooja did not even let her audition for the role of heroine. 

Manisha sits with Elvish again and tells him that she was joking about being in love with him. 

Abhi's soft corner

Further, Elvish and Abhi talk about Pooja being the real villain and later try to convince Manisha to not be too stubborn. 

Later, Elvish and Manisha both tease Abhi about having a soft corner for Jiya while he agrees and reasons that he does not mind her being cute around him as it is positive for him but he knows his boundaries. 

At the end of the day, Bigg Boss announces that the majority of the audience does not agree with Pooja's casting and hence they will get only basic ration. 

Manisha argues that she should have been the heroine while Pooja states that she could have been the villain too. 

At night, Manisha cries in the bathroom area saying that she misses her while Aashika comes there and comforts her. 

Abhi and Elvish also come there and console her as Abhi jokes that he will rain eggs on Avi since he was very reluctant to give Pooja's eggs to their team when Pooja offered to give them to them. 

Further, Abhi pulls Manisha into his arms and tells her to not cry as their brother-sister duo are the hero and heroine of the Bigg Boss house. 

Avi and Abhi argue over helicopter. 

When Abhi goes to the kitchen, Avi confronts him while Abhi states that it seemed like he didn't want their group to have more eggs which seemed shallow. 

At night, Manisha goes to Elvish and asks him for a peck on the cheek but he refuses while Jad gets annoyed at his sleep being disturbed. 

Abhi tells Manisha that they should respect everyone's sleep and privacy while she reasons that they should not have come to Bigg Boss then. 

End of today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 28th July 2023 written update.

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