Bigg Boss OTT 2 28th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 12

Bigg Boss OTT 2 28th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 12

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 28th June 2023 episode (Day 11) starts with all the housemates waking up to a trendy song that energizes their morning.

They go to the garden and dance after which all the contestants go to the kitchen for their breakfast.

Jad is given a sandwich and he eats even though knowing that he is going to get sick.

He starts feeling upset and cries while the housemates apologize to him.

He then takes a couple of lychees but puts them back when he sees Jiya Shankar and others already eating it.

Manisha Rani goes after him and tries to cheer him up while he tells her that he cannot eat right now.

Jad-Jiya in an argument!

Further, Jad comes to sit with Jiya and talks to her while she feels upset thinking she is looking like the bad guy.

Afterward, Pooja Bhatt shows a dirty sanitary pad in the bathroom to Bebika Dhurve who gets triggered seeing it.

Aaliya Siddique comes there and says that it is hers while apologizing and cleaning up.

The housemates feel disgusted and tell Aaliya to find a solution to her problem of forgetting things.

Manisha gives Jad a KISS?

Later, Manisha gives her kiss on a piece of tissue paper to Jad and tells him to keep it close to his heart while putting it in his pocket.

Just then, the housemates hear sirens blaring and they rush to the living area while eviction is shown on the screen.

Bigg Boss reveals to them that the Janta demands a sacrifice right now and tells them that there will be a mid-week elimination now.

He tells them that Janta has made a decision and tells the housemates to reveal whom they think is going to leave the show.

The housemates one by one take Aaliya's name while Pooja nails the evictions by saying that wants Aaliya to go and that one doesn't become a mother by giving birth.

MID-WEEK Eviction!

Aaliya starts crying as she says that she is not weak while Bigg Boss reveals that Aaliya is eliminated.

Abhishek Malhan, Akanksha Puri, Jiya Shankar, and Manisha bid Aaliya goodbye while the others console Pooja who feels bad.

Manisha talks to Bebika and tells her that housemates have targeted Aaliya while Jiya thanks the audience for saving her from elimination this week.

Later, Akanksha and Jiya are talking when Abhi comes there and tells them that the non-elites are being targeted inside the house.

Abhi tells them that he thinks they are going to go next while Jiya tells him that if they have any brains, they will not nominate Abhi first.

Bigg Boss punishes rulebreakers!

Akanksha and Abhi start talking about Pooja putting her opinions on others while Jiya agrees.

On the other hand, Manisha is teasing Jad and Falaq Naaz while Bebika makes a comment that angers Manisha.

Bebika calls Manisha diplomatic and tells her that she is starting a game now which angers Manisha even more.

She tells Bebika to break their friendship and leaves saying that she cannot cook with Bebika in the kitchen.

Manisha starts making rotis and cries while Pooja tells Bebika to stay silent.

Bebika and Manisha's friendship over?

Bebika leaves from there while dragging Cyrus Broacha and Pooja with her.

Falaq tells Bebika that Manisha got hurt by her comments while Bebika argues that she had enough of Manisha's diplomacy.

Just then, the sirens blare again, and 'rule break' is shown written on the screen which confuses the housemates.

Bigg Boss tells Avinash Sachdev to read out the rules again while asking the contestants who broke the rules.

Abhi and Jiya accept their mistake of talking about nominations while Akanksha still acts oblivious.

As a result, Bigg tells them that as a punishment, Abhishek, Jiya, and Akanksha are nominated this week.

Housemates angry with Fukraa Insaan!

The three start going around trying to justify the conversation they were having while the housemates refuse to listen to their excuses.

Abhi and Jiya take Akanksha away and tell her that she should accept her mistake.

Later, Bigg Boss calls Abhi to the talk room and tells him to explain what he feels while Abhi states that he feels stupid to have gotten nominated for such a simple thing.

He talks about how he was wrong to think that there can be friendships in the house.

As he gets out of there and drinks water, he notices Pooja giving him a look and tells her that she need not do much since he has already gotten the punishment for his mistake.

This causes a huge argument between the two while Bebika and Falaq also start insulting Abhi as Pooja touches on the topic of Abhishek's upbringing.

Jiya goes to Pooja later and apologizes without giving any justification while Pooja tells her that she just wants them to be a good person before becoming anything else.

Jad tries to be the peacemaker

At the same time, Abhi vents to Manisha who tells him that all the housemates except for Pooja are trying to impress Pooja and get on her good side.

Jad talks with Jiya and she reveals to him that they were talking about this for the past three days.

He goes to Pooja, Falaq, and others and tells them about it while the housemates think that they have been planning ever since the eliminations.

At night, Jad goes to Manisha and tries to convince her to talk to Bebika and forgive her.

Manisha goes with Bebika to the garden and talks to her while Bebika tells her that people are friends with her only because of her fanbase.

This hurts Manisha and she tells Bebika to leave as she doesn't think their friendship will be the same as before.

Manisha goes to sit with Abhi and Jiya who console her and tells her that she and Bebika are still friends.

However, Manisha shakes her saying that Bebika is not a good kind of friend.

End of Today's 28th June 2023 Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023 Episode 12.

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