Bigg Boss OTT 2 30th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 43

Bigg Boss OTT 2 30th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 43

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 30th July 2023 episode (Day 42) starts with the housemates waking up to Paisa Paisa song making some of them laugh. 

Bebika Dhruve sits with Abhishek Malhan and talks about how Jiya Shankar got jealous when she talked about Abhi flirting. 

Further, Pooja Bhatt shows the dirt in the sink while Abhi states that Aashika Bhatia had done the dish duties. 

Pooja argues with Aashika! 

Aashika argues that she did it daily but forgot today while Pooja says she should refuse to do it if she doesn't want to do it properly. 

This argument becomes huge as other housemates also get involved in the task. 

Later, Avinash Sachdev tells Jiya and Pooja how Bebika always talks against Abhi and his group in front of them and is talking to them now. 

They also talk about how Bebika agreed to cook despite Abhi's resistance. 

Further, Abhi and Elvish Yadav joke about making Bebika their new best friend while Manisha Rani tells them to try it sarcastically. 

He calls Bebika into the bedroom room where they are sitting while Pooja and Jiya tease Bebika saying that she is blushing. 

Abhi says that he wants to eat Kheer while Manisha tells him that Bebika will make it for him as she's in love with him. 

Further, Abhi requests Bebika to make Kheer for him if she likes him and tells his team that he will get Kheer today as it is his mission. 

At night, Abhi gets happy seeing the Kheer while Bebika complains that he had eaten half her head over it and goes to sit with Pooja. 

Bebika has changed? 

She talks to Pooja about not feeling a connection with Avi and Jiya anymore while Pooja tells her that she has changed her mind after talking and sitting with Abhi for an hour. 

Pooja starts talking to her with passive aggressiveness and mocks Bebika while telling her that she is being passionate about it only. 

Further, Salman Khan greets the housemates and the audience telling them that India has a different type of respect since they mostly live in nuclear families which include a lot of their elders. 

He tells them that he is going to talk about something today that they might not like and says that OTT also needs censorship. 

Salman talks about his lowest times and how he worked hard through all of it. 

He asks the housemates about it and tells them to talk about their lowest times.

Salman bashes Bebika

Pooja talks about her time and how she got a second chance with Bigg Boss while Jiya reveals that she has not gotten any low times in her career till now. 

Salman goes to talk about Bebika and she states that her career has just started. 

He tells her to tell everyone that her lowest time is the sixth week in Bigg Boss OTT and tells the housemates to talk about the bad things they have done this week. 

Further, he tells Bebika and Manisha to reenact the fight that happened during the Angel VS Devil task and reminds them that Devil means entertainment. 

He tells Bebika that it does not matter who they are but they still do not have the right to disrespect or hit anyone. 

Manisha talks about Bebika pushing her three times in the task and Salman tells them to reenact their fight. 

Bebika says that she is being pushed into the negative limelight while Salman tells her that no one is doing it but herself. 

He tells her that she will go far in the future and mockingly states that she has done a good job this week and will win this show and every other show. 

Bebika argues that that's not it while Salman tells her that she is also willing to listen and tells the housemates that he'll be back in a while. 

Elvish gets schooled

Abhi tells Bebika to listen to Salman's advice while taking Elvish to the kitchen and says that he should also listen to what Salman tells him. 

Salman returns and asks Abhi if his conversation with Elvish and over and bashes him for thinking that the team work according to his off and on-camera decisions. 

Further, Salman bashes Elvish for blaming the language due to his cursing and reminds them that the walls of Bigg Boss have not only ears but eyes also in the form of more than a hundred cameras. 

Salman goes on to tell Manisha to reveal the whole conversation to Pooja and the rest of the contestants while she continues smiling. 

He tells her that she is still smiling and tells her that she could have left the conversation but she sat there and smiled while Elvish continued cursing out Bebika. 

Salman shows everyone the clip where Abhi, Elvish, and Manisha talk shit about Bebika where Elvish uses unspeakable words for her. 

Salman asks how many followers he has and wonders out loud if he wants to increase or decrease. 

Elvish accepts his mistake while Salman asks if having followers give them the ticket to do anything. 

Salman talks about how the real Army is the one who is on the border, not the one who is on Twitter defending him. 

Elvish's mother also comes on the video call. 

Elvish starts crying and hides his face while Salman assures him that his mother has not been shown the whole conversation. 

Salman tells her that Elvish is missing her and crying because of that while she says that she hopes her son does good things inside the house.

The mother leaves and Salman tells Elvish that he should apologize as the screen goes black. 

Bebika asks Pooja and Jiya why they didn't tell her and the two reason that she would have created a huge scene. 

Abhi and Manisha tell Elvish to apologize to Bebika and accept whatever she tells him. 

Pooja tells Bebika that she is sure the conversation would not have escalated if not for Manisha and calls her a narcissist. 

End of today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 29th July 2023 written update.

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