Bigg Boss OTT 2 3rd July 2023 Written Update, Episode 17

Bigg Boss OTT 2 3rd July 2023 Written Update, Episode 17

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 3rd July 2023 episode (Day 16) starts with all the housemates waking up to the song blaming indicating that it is morning.

The housemates rush to the garden dance to energize their morning after which they start preparing for breakfast.

Afterwards, all the housemates are called into the living area as Bigg Boss tells them that it is time for the nomination task.


Bigg Boss tells the housemates to put the reject stamp on two of the contestants whom they would like to nominate for elimination.

Bebika Dhurve nominates Manisha and Jiya.

Cyrus Broacha nominates Avinash Sachdev and Jiya Shankar while Jiya nominates Avinash.

Pooja Bhatt nominates Cyrus and Manisha Rani reasoning that Manisha has started to control her thoughts.

Falaq Naaz also nominates Manisha and Cyrus while Jad nominates Bebika and himself while the housemates feel sad for him.

He explains to them that he realizes now what he did was unacceptable while Bigg Boss tells him that self-nomination is not accepted.

Jad then goes on to give reasons for nominating Pooja while Bigg Boss praises him for his reasoning.


Abhishek Malhan nominates Falaq and Bebika while Manisha also nominates Falaq.

Bebika, Cyrus, Manisha, Jiya, Falaq, and Avinash get nominated while Jiya talks to Jad about the onion incident.

However, Manisha Rani intervenes in between, making Jiya argue on top of her voice, standing up.

Manisha asks her to remove her pointed finger and puts her explanation while Cyrus asks both the ladies to calm down a little.

Abdu Rozik laughs seeing the argument and shakes his ears, mocking their loud voices.

Later, Abhi asks Jiya what she meant that she doesn’t play like others but Jiya says she didn’t include him.

Rather, she explains how Manisha never tries to understand her when she is the one who tries to sit with her.

In the garden, Manisha cries alone while Jiya says that she could have nominated her but she didn’t when Abhi says he didn’t like them fighting.

Abhi tries to be a peace mediator

Meanwhile, Bebika talks with Pooja saying she thinks Abhi and Manisha got jealous to see Pooja support her.

Pooja tells her that she won’t support her if she misbehaves with anyone.

Abhi then goes to Manisha, asking why she is crying assuring her that he would have been nominated too if he was not the captain.

Manisha, Falaq, and Jiya talk ill of Manisha in the dressing room saying that she is the one who is copy-paste.

Later, the housemates joke that Puneet Superstar is going to come again while Abhi goes to Manisha and teases her saying that Bebika sent him to her.

Cyrus nods off while the siren blares making Abhi threaten to not give him dinner if the siren is heard once again.

Abhi and Manisha sit together and talk about how Bebika has changed her attitude toward Abhi after Salman Khan praised him.

Bigg Boss scolds Cyrus again after which Abhi goes to talk to him telling him that he should consider that he is in the BB House.

However, Cyrus tells him to be a leader and not act like a watchman.

Abdu bids BB OTT goodbye!

On the other hand, Manisha massages Abdu while Abhi talks about who thinks would be in the top 5 while Abdu also talks about it.

Later, the sirens blare with the 'time to leave' written on the screen making the housemates scared.

Bigg Boss informs them that it is time for Abdu to leave but he has gotten a chance to make a video album with the nominated housemates since he is known for his social media presence.

However, in a twist, Abdu can select only four of the nominated contestants with the four locations being Jasccuzi, Gym Area, Garden Terrace, and Bedroom Area.

Abdu takes Jad to the gym area, Jiya to the garden terrace, Manisha to the Jacuzzi area, and Avinash to the Garden area.

Afterwards, Abdu bids the housemates goodbye while Bigg Boss tells him that they loved him in the BB OTT House and tells them that it is time for him to leave.

After he leaves, Avinash and Jiya talk about how Manisha tried to kiss Abdu which made him uncomfortable.

Falaq makes a sweet dish for the housemates while Abhi tries to get Bebika to apologize to Manisha.

She points out his dirty bowl lying in the garden while he calls her Babita and tells her to pick up the captain's bowl in a joking manner.

Once she goes inside, Abhishek reveals to Manisha that Babita is the name of the house helper in his home.

Jad sits with Jiya and Avinash and reveals to him how he felt joy seeing Avi express his joy eating the sweet dish that Falaq made for them.

Abhi sees Manisha crying and takes Pooja there who tries to console Manisha.

End of Today's 3rd July 2023 Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023 Episode 17.

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