Bigg Boss OTT 2 7th August 2023 Written Update, Episode 52

Bigg Boss OTT 2 7th August 2023 Written Update, Episode 52

Today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 7th August 2023 episode (Day 51) starts with all the housemates waking up to a great energetic song as they celebrate being the top 6.

Jiya Shankar is happy that she has gotten into the top 6 while Bebika Dhurve and Pooja Bhatt miss Jad Hadid.

Manisha Rani flirts with Elvish Yadav who tells her that he will curse her.

Abhishek Malhan jokingly intervenes while Elvish says that he himself is the curse.

Manisha smiles saying that if he is the curse, then she will be happy to be cursed.

Further, Abhi makes Bebika exercise in the garden while Elvish sits in front of Manisha and Jiya who are making breakfast.

Pooja, on the other hand, starts rebuking Jiya for changing her friends and not being true in the game.

Manisha continues flirting with Elvish while talking to him about her views on the housemates.

Bebika and Abhi continue joking comparing the housemates to cartoons.

Manisha, Jiya, and Elvish joke that Abhi is possessive about Bebika and likes her which is why he is making her fit.

Bebika and Manisha get ready in the bathroom area where Bebika asks her how she finds friendship with Jiya.

Manisha reveals that she does not get a proper vibe from Jiya but understands that Jiya is talking to them because of her friendship with Abhi.

Bebika tells her that Abhi too didn't find a vibe with Jiya but is friends with her since she was his friend from the start.

The housemates sit in the living area where Bigg Boss tells them that it is time for the nomination task.

Those who will be safe will go into the finale with Abhi and states that the task is to be done in Room of Truth.

The pairs are Elvish-Manisha, Jiya-Abhi, and Pooja-Bebika.

Elvish, Manisha, and Jiya get NOMINATED!

When called, one housemate will go into the room of truth and sit on the chair as they will speak about the harsh truths of other housemates.

Meanwhile, the other contestant will count the time on their own guessing the time of twenty minutes after which they have to go inside the room and bang the gong to end round.

In the first round, Bebika goes inside the room of truth and starts speaking about Pooja while the other housemates start talking to Pooja and chanting the wrong number to make her get off track from her mental time ticking.

Jiya goes inside in the next round while Bebika sits on Abhi to distract him.

All the housemates except Elvish try to distract Abhi while Abhi tells them to let him watch as Jiya is crying and getting emotional.

Elvish tells Abhi to lose the task and bang the gong while Manisha tells him to play his gang.

The last round starts as Manisha goes inside and talks about the housemates while Elvish counts the time.

As Manisha keeps speaking, Pooja and Jiya try their best to distract Elvish by commenting that his ear has turned pink and smelling his musky cologne.

BB gets Angry!

In the end, Bigg Boss reveals that Pooja and Bebika were the closest to 27 minutes counting and are thus in the race to ticket to the finale.

Jiya, Manisha, and Elvish get NOMINATED, but Elvish suspects the counting is wrong after which BB gives all of them an open warning to check the footage but Elvish apologizes.

Later, Manisha tries to irritate Elvish by saying that his girlfriend will run away with a milkman and it is her curse.

However, Elvish asks her to stop but Manisha doesn't after which Abhishek says after a while, this joke will not seem like a joke.

In the end, Manisha apologises to the camera, speaking to Elvish's girlfriend saying whatever fun she is doing inside the house is not real and Elvish is a very loyal man.

End of today's Bigg Boss OTT 2 7th August 2023 written update.

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