Bigg Boss Tamil 6 21st December 2022 Written Update, Episode 74, Day 73

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 21st December 2022 Written Update, Episode 74, Day 73

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 21st December 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss Tamil Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 6 Tamil 21st December 2022 episode (day 72) starts with all the contestants gathering together and talking about their family. Rakshitha shares with everyone that her uncle and aunt mostly brought her up and that she was ashamed that her father is a driver until recently.

Rakshika tells everyone how much her father used to earn, how her mother did tailoring jobs to earn money for her daughter’s education. She tells everyone that now her wish is to take good care of her mother.

Danalakshmi shares her story, about how her mom supported her throughout her life even when she was not doing well in school.

In the morning (Day 73) everyone wakes up and dances for the wakeup song.

Kathir is a teacher for today’s task so Shivin and Danalakshmi are bothering him near the cycle stand. Danalakshmi lets the air out of the principal’s cycle tire.

Everyone is gathered in the classroom. Amudhavanan is the principal as well as the carnatic music teacher today. The contestants who are high school students today constantly pester him during the class.

Later, Amudhavanan (music teacher) is teaching all the students individually how to sing saaree gamma song. In the meantime some students are scribbling things on the black board.

During break time, Kathir (math teacher) goes to the washroom and sees that some students have written “Loosu English teacher” on the bathroom doors. So he scolds the students who are there and Mynaa (teacher) pinches Manikandan (student) for his actions.

Manikanan (student) goes to Amudhavanan (principal) and complains about Mynaa (teacher) saying that she pinched him. So Amudhavanan is questioning both of them.

During the questioning, Amudhavanan notices that “RA” tattoo on Manikandan’s hand so he scribbles on that. Manikandan says that “RA” stands for Rakshitha and that he has been in love with her for 12 years. Hearing this, the teachers scold him and Amudhavanan scribbles on top of the tattoo.

During lunch hour, Kathir, Mynaa, Shivin and Danalakshmi are having a discussion. As they are out of character, Kathir and Danalakshmi are having a conversation about her letting the air out of the principal’s tire in the morning.

Kathir starts saying that the task got ruined by Danalakshmi when she broke the tire valve. She starts arguing saying that it was only part of her role and that the tire valve is not broken.

Danalakshmi gets very defensive and says that she will remain quiet throughout the day and not play her role. She also adds that at the end of the day if someone complains about her ,she will not accept it.

Kathir starts arguing saying that she should just accept her mistake and not take it too seriously. She continues arguing saying that she never made any mistake.

Both of them get very defensive and Danalakshmi walks away angrily.

In the afternoon, the students are gathered for math class (Kathir). Rakshitha and Shivin excuse themselves and go to the washroom. Manikandan also runs behind them. Shivin and Manikandan together write “Boomer Uncle” and many more things in the washroom doors again.

While Shivin is still writing something on the door, Manikandan quietly goes to the principal and tells him that Shivin is writing something on the doors.

Kathir takes Danalakshmi and Haseem to principal saying that Haseem is passing love letters to Danalakshmi.

Shivin, Vikraman and Rakshitha are reading the things written in the bathroom door when Kathir suddenly enters and catches them. Kathir brings everyone to the washroom and shows the things written.

In the next class, the students are given a painting competition. They have to make a painting with a social message and explain it to everyone. The teachers are the judges for this task.

Shivn makes a painting about education for female children and wins the competition.

In the evening,  students are gathered in class for Mynaa (English teacher). She gives all the students tongue twisters. After the task ends for the day everyone gathers in the classroom.

Everyone has to choose one best teacher and best student based on today’s performance. Amudhavanan, Manikandan and Vikraman are chosen as teachers for tomorrow’s task.

Luxury task rules are being narrated. This week it will be one person versus another person. Contestants need to wear costumes that are given to them and stand in the middle of the circle. There are numbers written around the circle

When the buzzer rings, the contestant has to take their competitor to the number which is around the circle. The number stands for the amount of points they want to win.

Shivin and Danalaksmi compete against each other. Manikandan and Haseem compete against each other. Amudhavanan and Vikraman compete against each other.

At the end of the day, another new task is given. Since it’s been more than 70 days since they have been in this house, everyone needs to write a letter to a person who comes to their mind when they think of victories, losses and the pain that they have faced here.

Everyone gets very emotional as they are writing their letter.

Mynaa reads the letter that she wrote for her husband. She tells about how she misses him.

Danalaksmi writes a letter to her mother. She tells about how much she misses talking to her. She starts crying as she reads her letter. She wishes that her mom is proud of her. 

Shivin writes a letter to her sister. She starts crying emotionally as she reads the letter she wrote. She asks her sister to take care of the family while Shivin is here.

ADK writes a letter to his son. He tells about how he misses his son as they have been separated for two years but thinks about him every single day. He requests his son to forgive him one day.

Amudhavanan writes a letter to his wife. He tells about how he wishes to only give her happiness. He requests his family to forgive him for not being there with them.

Rakshitha writes a letter to her mother. She cries emotionally and thanks her mother for standing by her all through her life. Hearing her letter everyone gets very sad.

Will Danalakshmi and Kathir get into a fight again tomorrow?

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