Bigg Boss Tamil 6 6th November 2022 Written Update, Episode 28, Eliminations

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 6th November 2022 Written Update, Episode 28, Eliminations

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 6th November 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 6 Tamil 6th November 2022 episode (day 27) starts with the Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan giving a stunning entry on the sets of BB6.

Kamal Hasan starts with a small task for the contestants at the house similar to the reporter task.

One of the contestants turns out to be a contestant and pics a lot to select the other housemate to ask them questions.

The reporter-housemate combo occurs as follows:

Maheshwari - Azeem

Vikraman - Myna Nandini

Robert Master - Rakshitha

Azeem - Dhana Lakshmi

Janani - Queency

Ram - Janani

Ayesha - Ram

Manikandan - Vikram

ADK - Sherin

Shivin -Ayesha

Kathir - Dhanalakshmi

Each of the reporters asks their other housemates direct questions about the show and the previous week's tasks.

Later, Kamal Hasan informs each and every contestant about the importance of getting an opportunity to enter the Bigg Boss house.

Further, a mixture snack task is announced by Kamal Hassan. He instructs Rachitha to bring platters of mixtures from the store room.

He instructs all the housemates to present it with their co-contestants who are simply sitting in the house and is lazy in the house without involvement.

This task ends up in a funny manner and some contestants deliver their stand and justification.

Kamal then speaks to Nivashini about her experience in the house.

Then, he questions Kathir about his medications and ensures that it is free from sleeping dosages.

Finally, Aaysha and Sherin are present in the danger zone. Kamal questions both about their mindsets.

He then questions all the housemates about who would get saved. Everyone tags Aaysha's name.

Then, Kamal Hassan announces the eviction of Sherin from the Bigg Boss house. She is expected to have obtained the least public votes.

Aaysha breaks out and wants to exit the Bigg Boss house.

Everyone then bid an emotional farewell to Sherin.

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