Bigg Boss Tamil 7 19th October 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 19th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss Tamil 7 19th October 2023 episode starts with Manicharan advising Raveena Daha not to get connected with anyone emotionally.

He stresses it again and again but she refuses to agree with Mani Charan.

Cool Suresh roasts Poornima in the presence of her friends Maya and Vishu.

She gets irritated but manages and instructs Cool Suresh not to roast her before Raveena Daha and Manicharan.

Later, Cool Suresh plans with Maya and Poornima to roast Raveena when he gets the chance.

Ugendran comes with instructions from Bigg Boss which is for Cool Sudesh.

He has to predict as an astrologer and speak based on the activities of the contestants.

As planned with Maya's team, Cool Suresh gets the chance to roast Raveena and Mani Charan exhibiting all their activities.

He roasts everyone based on their activities inside the house and Maya gets the maximum and the speech of cool Suresh irritates her more.

She objects to him but all the other members enjoy his speech as Suresh also imitates the housemates, particularly Raveena's laughter.

The next morning, Cool Suresh says to Maya and Poornima that they were the talk of Bigg Boss housemates last night.

At the same time, Ugandren and Vichitra discuss body shaming done by Cool Suresh in his task. 

In parallel at the small boss house Maya and Poornima are in deep criticism about Cool Suresh's speech.

Meanwhile, Mani Charan and Raveena Daha enjoy their company.

For lunch, Poornima and Maya cook with the guidance of Vikraman.

Poornima adds some random ingredients and Maya describes their recipe as an attack.

Vishu too joins the team and makes fun of their cooking.

At the same time, everyone enjoys the food leaving Poornima's team in surprise.

At 3.40 PM, an announcement of the star task comes through Raveena Daha.

Bigg Boss housemates have to share a story if they do not want the story to reach the audience.

They have to press the buzzer after 60 seconds.

If no buzzer is pressed the housemate can continue their story.

Small boss housemates can ask doubts in the story and have to choose the star after discussing it among themselves. 

On the 16th day Evening 4:20 pm, the task starts while at 5:15 pm Pradeep asks doubts in the stories of the Bigg boss housemates. 

Though many are impressed by Cool Suresh's story, Maya and the team divert the title to Akshaya by voting.

Thus Akshaya moves from arrest to star title.

Vishnu and Poornima get into an argument when Poornima fails to respond and Raveena asks for coffee.

At the same time, Vichitra wishes Akshaya the star of Bigg Boss.

Pradeep preferred Cool Suresh for the star title and discusses it with Ugandren. 

The concept of Mutual funds is introduced and the contestants can use these to get benefits like favorite food or connect with family etc.

End of today's Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 19th October 2023 Written Update.

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