Bigg Boss Tamil 7 20th October 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 20th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss Tamil 7 20th October 2023 episode starts with another day starting for the BB Tamil contestants.

Nixon and Vickraman talk about Manicharan and Raveena Daha's relationship.

Nixon feels that their closeness separates them from others and it inhibits their own characteristics.

Later, he speaks about it to Raveena Daha and she also accepts that to him.

At 11.55 a.m. Bigg Boss' announcement is read by Pradeep.

Bigg Boss feels that oxygen in the house is low, meaning content and entertainment is low so he wants to increase it in the house.

The task is that the housemates have to collect the maximum number of oxygen cylinders placed in the garden area.

Participants are all the 7 members of the small Boss house and 7 from the other house.

The housemate who collects the maximum will have the chance to get two captains.

If they take all the 30 cylinders then the 3 of them can get the captainship.

The captain has to participate and he can play for anyone in the house.

Yugendran plans with his housemates he will replace a person from the Small Boss house and will support the Big Boss housemates. W

hen he takes the cylinders, he says that the Bigg boss housemates can grab them easily from him if he permits.

As per plan, he joins small boss housemates replacing Akshaya.

The competition starts and housemates rush to collect the oxygen cylinders.

Nixon tries to enter the Bigg boss's house to grab back the cylinders he breaks the glass door and due to this Bigg boss cancels the game.

On the 18th day at 3.30 pm, the task restarts and, after heavy competition Small Boss housemates collected 14, and Bigg Boss mates collected.

Yugendran is with small boss housemates but supports Bigg boss housemates.

Poornima tries to enter Bigg Boss's house to get oxygen cylinders but Manicharan and Raveena Daha try to pull her out.

Just then, Manicharan pushes Poornima and she intentionally falls on Raveena Daha.

This creates heavy discussions among the housemates.

Poornima points out that when she tried to open the bathroom where Bigg Boss housemates had the cylinders while Yugendran was there but he never cared to help her.

The incidents during the game are on great discussion among the housemates.

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