Chand Jalne Laga 13th November 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 13th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Chand Jalne Laga 13th November 2023 episode starts with Sartaj yelling that Ananya's engagement breaks with Palash after his behavior with Tara.

Ananya also announces that she ends her engagement with Palash while Palash grumbles in anger and his mother urges Sartaj to reconsider his decision.

Palash's mother tells everyone that she knows Palash has committed a crime but they should not break the engagement for it, joining her hands in front of Tara's family.

Hearing this, Tara requests Palash's mother to leave the house in a very firm voice which the Duggal family follows, keeping their heads low.

Tara takes Ananya to her room as Sartaj and Soni start talking with the guests, politely asking them to leave.

Soni feels angry when she overhears some guests discussing how Ananya will never find a perfect groom again since Ananya is not pretty like Tara.

Another guest comments that Ananya should not have called off the engagement so hurriedly.

Soni's blood boils as one of the guests turns to her, saying that Ananya is not a good-looking person which means they will not find a groom for her ever again.

Meanwhile, inside the room, Tara praises Ananya for standing up for herself while Ananya reveals that she has gotten this courage from Deva because he always used to say to take a stand for each other.

The mention of Deva makes Tara quiet for a moment as his kiddish voice echoes in her mind but she quickly shakes her head, forcing a soft smile on her face.

On the other hand, Deva is walking in the garden, thinking about Tara which makes him angry for a moment so he growls in anger while clutching his chest as if he is in pain.

Just as he starts to calm down, Tara arrives there with turmeric paste in her hand, saying that she will pour it on Deva's wound for relief.

Deva rudely throws away the turmeric paste making Tara stunned for a moment and he claims that he is fine with the wound as it acts as a reminder so Tara should leave now.

However, Tara keeps insisting that she should rub the turmeric paste on Deva's wound as a thank you for saving her which triggers Deva's rage.

He grumbles that he wants Tara to apologise for another night which is not today.

He grabs Tara's hand tightly, yelling that he is Tara's boss and she is just his servant which means she needs to stay away from his path from now on.

Tara whines in pain and begs Deva to let her go which Deva does after some time causing Tara to look at him with confusion as she runs away from there.

When she returns to the house, Soni gives her a disgusting stare, saying Tara is at fault for Ananya's broken engagement while Ananya urges her mother not to say such things.

Later, Sartaj orders the band to go because there will be no sangeet here anymore but Tara stops the band by saying that today they will celebrate the return of their daughter Ananya.

She announces that people always celebrate the arrival of a newlywed wife but today they are going to celebrate their Laxmi AKA Ananya.

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