Chand Jalne Laga 15th November 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 15th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Chand Jalne Laga 15th November 2023 episode starts with Deva discussing with some investors how they need an influencer to spread their business even more.

Hearing this, Deva recalls Ananya who is also a social media influencer, having no clue that Palash's family has kidnapped Ananya, holding her hostage in their godown.

Ananya pleads with Palash's father to let her go, reminding him that he is just enabling his son's misbehaviour by supporting him which angers Palash's father so he tightens the cloth around Ananya's mouth.

He then walks away with a smug smile while Ananya begs Matarani for help and even falls on the ground during her struggle to get free from the tied chair.

Meanwhile, Tara shows up at Deva's house with some workers, causing Deva to stare at her in confusion when Tara clarifies that she has hired these people to help her with her work.

Tara firmly tells Deva that he wants the work to get finished in a lighting speed which is why these people are hired by her while Deva just rolls his eyes at her.

He replies angrily that Tara needs to finish the work on her own without any help but Tara just keeps playing the grinder in order to mute Deva's voice permanently.

Deva gets irritated by this and reminds Tara about how he is her boss due to which Tara needs to hear his opinion when Tara replies that he needs to calm down.

She even mocks Deva by saying that Deva looks terrible whenever he tries to smile which shuts up Deva and he leaves the room without uttering any more words.

However, afterwards, Deva starts smiling in front of the mirror to figure out if he actually smiles badly or if Tara is just making fun of him.

On the other hand, Tara is busy on her phone when Soni arrives there with a rack full of clothes, asking her to choose from these clothes for Diwali.

Tara denies Soni for these clothes but Soni is persistent and even creepily comments that Tara needs to look her best in this Diwali as it is going to be the best Diwali for Tara.

Meanwhile, a courier boy drops a package at Tara's house which Tara's father picks up, assuming that Tara must be the one who has ordered this package so he does not open the package.

Later that day, Tara gets angry as she finds Deva playing cricket with her workers when she marches up to him angrily, yelling that he needs to stop the match.

Deva denies Tara's order by announcing that cricket is very important to him and he will only leave the match if someone is able to get his wicket.

Hearing this, Tara accepts the challenge but as soon as she starts blowing, Deva hits the ball at full speed causing the ball to fly away from the arena.

As Tara gets busy looking around for the ball, Palash and his goons slowly start replacing the workers without Deva or Tara's notice.

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