Chand Jalne Laga 24th October 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 24th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Chand Jalne Laga 24th October 2023 episode starts with Deva meeting his horse years after he takes him from Tara's care without her knowing.

Deva and Badshah (the horse) go together to an open ground where they used to race, but Badshah does not react to his words.

Seeing how Badshah cannot recognize him, Deva comes to him and changes his tone to talk as he did in the past.

Badshah recognizes the salute Deva shows him and signals Deva that he knows who Deva is and still remembers him as his friend.

Deva pats Badshah and tells him that he is glad they both remember each other even after so many years after which Deva and Badshah dance together.

They decide to race with each other as they did in the past and Deva sees his child self running with him while they smile at each other with emotional eyes.

With his athletic speed, Deva reaches the finishing point first and tells Badshah that he has become too old to win the race while climbing the tree at the edge of the cliff.

Suddenly, the branch snaps, and Deva falls into the lake after which he gets flashbacks of Tara standing outside the lake and asking Deva to come out of the water.

Deva panics for a moment and comes out of the lake with a furious expression as he remembers how Tara betrayed his trust and accused him of a crime he never did.

Badshah comes there and starts licking Deva's back wounds which he gained in his childhood as he was tortured by the Sehgal family.

Deva says that he does not feel any pain from these wounds as they were punishment to him for snatching away the smile from a person's face.

Meanwhile, Tara calls the manager of the compound where Badshah was kept to know who took him from there but the manager asks her not to disturb him as he is unaware of the person.

Tara comes back home to see Vanraj causing a scene as he searches for some files while Sartaj's wife asks him not to throw away things like that.

Vanraj breaks a lamp by mistake after which Tara comes and takes him back to his room with her aunt shouting about how ungrateful they are toward her for keeping them in her house.

Tara gives yellow flowers to Vanraj which calms him after which she cleans the room and comes outside to throw the glass pieces of the lamp.

Tara's aunt tells her that Tara needs to pay for the lamp too next month to which Tara agrees unwillingly.

Sartaj's wife comes to complain to him about Vanraj's drama but Sartaj asks her to take the compensation from Tara as they know well how to manipulate things and people.

Tara gets ready for the party of Mrs Malhotra as she is responsible for the event but Vanraj asks her to watch a movie with him.

Meanwhile, Deva talks to Mrs Malhotra to ensure that the whole Sehgal family is present at the party as he has waited for that moment for the last 15 years.

Tara pays Raunak to look after Vanraj as she needs to attend the event by all means.

Later, Tara arrives at the party and gets scolded by her senior for choosing a moon as the centerpiece but Mrs Malhotra loves it very much.

Deva arrives at the event while Tara almost gets hit by the big moon hung above her when Deva pulls her away and holds her in his arms with their eyes locked.

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