Chand Jalne Laga 25th October 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 25th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Chand Jalne Laga 25th October 2023 episode 2 starts with Deva and Tara staring at each other while Tara feels her heartbeat getting faster for some reason.

Deva steps away from Tara with passionate eyes after which Shagun comes there and blames Tara for her lenient work with the star that endangered Mr Malik's life.

Tara proceeds to say something but gets interrupted by Deva as he tells Shagun that Tara cannot be responsible for anyone's life even if that life is in danger.

Shagun compliments Deva's entry at the event with a flashy show of yellow flowers which Deva terms as Amaltas which makes Tara curious as she gets reminded about the Deva she knew once.

Tara excuses herself to look at the other things of the event while Deva silently observes Tara's movements.

The announcer says that they have gathered to enjoy themselves in a relaxing atmosphere where they have Mr Malik who has come from London where he has a successful chain of business.

Deva does not show any interest in receiving appreciation from the guests present at the party but bumps into Soni who introduces her daughter Ananya to him.

Sartaj also introduces himself with his business smile which reminds Deva of how both Sartaj and Soni framed him for starting the fire in the past.

Mrs Malhotra asks everyone to pair up for a couple dance, making Deva walk past all the women hoping to become his partner and choose Tara to dance with him.

Tara reluctantly accepts Deva's hands as she does not want any major scene at the party because of her after which they start dancing on a slow romantic song.

Deva calls Tara by her name which leaves her shocked as she does not know that Mr Malik is her childhood friend, Deva.

Tara asks Deva how he knows her name to which Deva says that he knows her entire family but they get separated as the dance partners get switched.

Deva and Tara continue to look at each other while they dance with others and reunite at the end of the performance.

As Deva is about to unveil his identity to Tara, she spots Raunak drinking at the bar counter and leaves without letting Deva complete his sentence.

Raunak tells Tara that he left after Vanraj slept but Tara gets worried about Vanraj and leaves the party to go back home.

Tara notices an empty room while Vanraj walks in the middle of the road and sees everything burning as the memories from that day flood his mind.

As Vanraj is about to get hit by a car, Tara comes and saves him at the right moment after which she brings her father back home.

After Vanraj goes back to sleep, Tara gets a call from Basant Kaka who informs her that Badshah has been bought by a rich man of another town, leaving Tara heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Deva searches for Tara at the party and asks Shagun about her to which Shagun criticizes Tara for being careless in her work.

While leaving the party, Deva bumps into Ananya as Soni pushes her toward him intentionally after which he gives Ananya his handkerchief to wipe off the juice and walks away.

Deva feels restless as he thinks about Tara and drives to a deserted area where he places the moon centerpiece and sets it into fire.

Deva feels the desire for revenge for all the wrongs committed against him while Tara cries by herself as she has no way to get back to Badshah or her home.

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