Chand Jalne Laga 26th October 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 26th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Chand Jalne Laga 26th October 2023 episode starts with Deva standing in front of the fire as he remembers the past memories when his child self appears and asks him why he expected Tara would be able to recognize his heartbeat.

The child self comes to Deva and tells him that he cannot expect anything from a person who has already betrayed him in the past.

Deva says that he will not stop firing up things unless his burning heart settles down completely.

Deva decides to start his revenge by finding Tara’s painful point and calculating her deeds that led him to get punished.

The next day, Tara gets ready to go to the office and asks Ananya if she has seen Tara's jhumka as it belongs to her mother.

Ananya says she has not seen it anywhere but tells Tara she will ask Sudha to look for it in the house.

Tara is about to leave when the telephone rings and she picks up the phone to discover that the call is for Raunak.

The man on the other side of the call talks about the deal of the Haveli which leaves Tara shocked and she hurries to the location, taking Ananya’s car.

Deva sits in his car outside the house and drives after Tara after he notices her leaving in the car.

Meanwhile, Raunak talks with the clients about the deal of the Haveli and the clients ask Raunak to bring Vanraj’s signatures on the papers.

Tara walks into the cafe and says that the deal is off as Vanraj will never sign the papers for their house.

Raunak drags Tara with him and tells her to think about their lives which will improve once they get money from the deal.

Tara tears the deal papers and tells Raunak that they cannot set a price over the hopes and feelings of their father.

Deva overhears everything and decides to target the haveli as it is Tara’s weak link which he will exploit with his power.

Tara comes late to her office and apologizes to Shagun who taunts Tara by calling her lucky as a client who wants her to independently handle a project of converting an old property into a hotel.

Hearing the good terms and conditions, Tara agrees to do the project at once and calls Ananya who makes Vanraj watch Tara as she decides to sign the papers.

Meanwhile, Deva meets Raunak and tells him that he wants a deal from him when a waiter mistakenly splashes drink on Raunak and he throws the whole glass on the waiter.

Deva tries to control himself but apologizes to the waiter after which he tells Raunak that he does not do business with people who consider money more important than life.

Raunak apologizes to the waiter at once and asks Deva what deal he wants to which Deva replies that he wants their haveli.

Tara comes to search for her jhumka and bumps into Deva who asks her to do her work when Tara gets scared after watching a fire lantern.

Deva stands frozen as Tara hugs him in horror and leaves after saying a line that he used to tell Tara in their childhood.

Later, Tara comes home as the doctor comes to check on Vanraj after which Raunak comes there with a box of sweets and tells everyone that he has cracked a great deal.

Tara leaves after Raunak convinces her that he has not done anything wrong after which he takes out the papers and makes Vanraj sign them.

Deva and Tara meet each other again and Deva returns the jhumka to Tara while she questions him if he is stalking her.

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