Chand Jalne Laga 27th October 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 27th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Chand Jalne Laga 27th October 2023 episode starts with Tara getting back her earrings from Deva after which she meets with Shagun and she informs Tara that Mr Malik is her client for the upcoming project.

Tara and Shagun come to the conference room to hear the details about the hotel restoration project that Tara has signed with Mr Malik.

Deva welcomes Tara and Shagun and asks them to sit comfortably after which he plays the presentation showing his plan to redevelop the Sehgal Haveli as the Malik Estate.

Tara is left shocked at seeing her home being taken by Mr Malik for the project after which she instantly confronts him asking him how he is making such a ridiculous project.

Deva smirks and says that he will not make any plan unless he has the property which makes Tara realize that Mr Malik has already acquired the Haveli.

Tara asks Deva who sold the house to him and Deva replies with Raunak's name which leaves Tara in shock.

Tara convinces Deva that he cannot have the property in his name unless Vanraj Sehgal has signed the papers himself as he is the legal owner of the property.

Deva shows Tara the papers that have Vanraj's signatures after which Tara walks out of the room in a hurry but Deva asks her to come to the success party of the deal which will be held at night at the Haveli.

Meanwhile, Soni tries to fit Ananya in a small salwar suit by asking her to inhale her breath but Ananya tells her that she does not want to wear such things.

Tara arrives home shouting Raunak's name which makes everyone come to the living room after which Tara asks Raunak how dare he sell the Haveli by himself.

Raunak asks Tara what she will do even after she knows the truth which leads Tara to land a slap on Raunak's face.

Sartaj and Soni ask Tara what her problem is as it is good that the Haveli is sold but Tara says that the Haveli is Vanraj's last straw to live and has her mother's memories.

Raunak says that their mother died instantly after Tara was born and Vanraj would not even watch her face during childhood but Tara dismisses those statements by saying that she will not let the past hamper the present.

Later, at night, Deva hosts the party to celebrate the amazing deal and talks with Mrs Malhotra and Shagun who are impressed hearing Deva's plan to expand the property.

Mrs Malhotra talks about the history of the Haveli and mentions a boy who started a fire years ago which killed several people.

Deva walks away and controls his anger as his past still has not stopped haunting him with the burden of the crime he never committed.

Tara brings Raunak with her and asks Mr Malik to talk to her for a minute but Deva deliberately ignores her and introduces her and Raunak to the guests.

Deva talks about how he has planned his heritage hotel which will be designed by none other than Tara while Tara tries to talk to him to let him know about the cancellation of the deal.

After a glass shatters accidentally, Deva agrees to talk to Tara and she tells him to cancel the deal as the Haveli is their reason for existence.

Tara sheds tears as she talks about her childhood and her parents' memories which makes Deva soft and he subconsciously forwards his hand to wipe away her tears.

However, the painful memories of the past bring Deva back to his senses and he comes back to the party with a bag full of money.

Deva says that he should not have done the deal with such low-graded people after which he throws money at Tara in front of everyone.

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