Chand Jalne Laga 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Chand Jalne Laga 2nd November 2023 episode starts with Tara getting shocked to see Vanraj tied to a chair with a cloth stuffed in his mouth.

Tara comes running to Vanraj and helps him get out of that chair after which she asks him if he is all right.

Vanraj nods while trying to breathe properly which makes Tara angry and she asks Sartaj and Soni how they can do such a thing to their own family member.

Soni says that she will not tolerate Tara and Vanraj's drama anymore and asks Tara to leave the house immediately with Vanraj.

Tara requests Soni by telling her that Vanraj's health is not in good condition which is why she needs at least that night to arrange for a place but Soni does not listen to Tara.

As Soni tries to pull Vanraj to get him out of the room, Tara asks her to let go of her father and Vanraj spills water over Tara's dress by mistake.

Tara asks Vanraj to calm down while Soni drags Ananya out of that room leaving Tara alone with her sick father to leave the house.

After packing some clothes in a bag, Tara tells Vanraj that they will go and have some ice cream together after which they walk out of the house but Soni stops Tara.

Soni asks Tara to let her check the bag as she could be going with stolen money and Soni even snatches away Tara's purse saying that she needs it as compensation for the damaged furniture.

Tara is left in anxiety as she walks out of the house with no money and needs shelter for the night where Vanraj can rest.

Meanwhile, Deva sits outside the glasshouse and talks to Naresh Kaka who asks Deva if he is having trouble sleeping at night.

Kaka suggests Deva think about the person he loves the most before going to sleep which makes Deva laugh sarcastically as the same person is responsible for his damaged life.

Deva asks Kaka to prepare for the Bhoomi Puja the next day after which he comes to the Shiv temple to work there in serving people.

After cooking prasad for the people visiting the temple in the hope of food and shelter, the priest thanks Deva for always being there by their side in managing the temple.

Tara is left worried as no friends or relatives give her permission to spend one night at their house when she comes across the temple and decides to go there.

Deva comes does the main aarti in front of Lord Shiva while Tara and Vanraj stand at a distance and pray to God standing at a distance from Deva.

After the puja, Tara and Vanraj come to grab the prasad behind the temple but the food gets finished and Deva gives away his plate to the working man named Santosh to give it to Tara.

Without being aware, Deva helps Tara and Vanraj and Tara even sends half of the food for Deva which makes him smile.

Both Deva and Tara pray for each other's good lives without knowing about their identities after which Tara comes to the public rooms to sleep with Vanraj.

Vanraj goes to sleep after lying down while Tara thinks deeply about what she should do the next day.

Meanwhile, the boy's father calls Sartaj and informs him that they are ready to get Ananya and their son married to each other.

After hanging up, the boy's father tells his son that Ananya is the perfect girl who will stay submissive in their household as she is not beautiful and has low self-confidence.

The next morning, Tara gets a call from Soni who tells her to come back home with Vanraj and apologizes for her behaviour the previous day.

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