Chand Jalne Laga 30th October 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 30th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Chand Jalne Laga 30th October 2023 episode starts with Deva throwing money at Tara, saying that Tara should have told him about her greedy intentions from the start.

Tara stares with heartbroken tears in her eyes as the notes of money fly in the air and fall at her feet while Raunak hurries over to collect the money from the ground.

Deva says that even if he needs to give more money to Tara for her not to cause any scene, he will not give up the haveli as he knows well how to be a sincere enemy in love as well as business.

Tara walks out of the party with teary eyes after which Raunak also takes his leaves with the bag full of money.

Deva is left alone in the garden as all the guests exit silently when he thinks about his memories spent in that place with Tara.

Tara sits by the side of the road and cries as she realizes that Vanraj's dream of going back to his house one day will never be fulfilled.

Wandering around with the memories of his childhood, Deva comes to the spot where he and Tara buried their friendship stone to dig it up in the future one day.

Deva remembers the whole sequence of events that ruined his childhood where he and Tara spotted a fire at the puja venue while they were playing together.

Vanraj tries to stop the fire by calling the fire brigade and Deva saves his life as a pillar is about to fall on him after which Sartaj and Soni blame Deva as the culprit behind the fire.

Deva pleads his innocence and tells the police that Tara knows the truth as he was with her but Tara states that Deva was not with her, making the police arrest Deva.

As the police take away Deva in their van, Badshah (the horse) runs after Deva to stop him and this painful memory brings Deva back to the present.

Bansal Kaka asks Deva where he found the stone when Deva says that he fell after tumbling over that stone.

After Kaka keeps the stone back in its place, he tells Deva that he will leave the Haveli the next day as the owner has changed.

Deva says that he is aware of the painful feeling of losing one's home and assures Kaka that he does not need to leave the Haveli ever in this lifetime.

Bansal Kaka is left shocked as Deva asks Kaka to feed something to him as he is hungry after which they go to Kaka's room and Deva eats rice and dal.

Deva cries as he enjoys the homely taste of the food which brings back several memories to him about how Bansal Kaka used to take care of him.

Meanwhile, Tara returns home and spots Raunak eating a grand feast after selling the Haveli which leaves her disgusted.

Tara comes and sees Vanraj ready to go to the Haveli but she convinces him somehow that they need to wait for the next day after which Vanraj goes to sleep.

Deva gets a call from Shagun who informs him that Tara has refused to work in the Haveli project which makes him smirk as he plans his next move.

The next day, Deva's men give Tara a legal notice by coming to their house which demands 1 crore from her if she refuses to work in the restoration project.

Tara comes to the beach in the car sent by Deva where Deva rides horses and is fascinated to hear Tara refuse his offer.

She argues that it was nowhere mentioned that she would have to work in her own house after which Deva proposes to her that they should do a horse-riding race and the winner decides the outcome.

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