Chand Jalne Laga 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Chand Jalne Laga 3rd November 2023 episode starts with Soni telling Tara that the boy's family has demanded that the marriage of Ananya and Palash take place from the Sehgal haveli.

Tara is left shocked to hear of such a condition and tells Soni that they are not the owners of the haveli anymore.

Soni tells Tara that Ananya will be heartbroken if the marriage breaks down due to such a minor issue which makes Tara worried as she cares for her sister.

Tara gets worried as Soni says that she will not tolerate anything that makes Ananya sad and all of them saw an example of her excellent temper the previous night.

Deva Waits For Tara

Tara tries to convince Soni that she cannot talk to Mr. Malik regarding the haveli as he is not the type of person to allow something like that.

Soni asks Tara to think about how she will talk to Mr. Malik as she does not want to discuss such a thing with her.

Tara is left in a tough situation as she needs to convince Mr Malik for Ananya's sake.

Meanwhile, Deva looks over the arrangements of the Bhoomi Puja and waits for Tara to arrive there as he plans to make Tara light the havan by herself.

Basant Kaka tells Deva that everything is ready but he tells kaka that Tara is yet to arrive.

Elsewhere, Tara proceeds to leave the house to go to the puja when she bumps into Palash, the boy with whom Ananya is to be married.

Palash introduces himself to Tara and shakes hands with her but Tara feels uncomfortable as he does not release her hand from his hold and continues to admire how beautiful Tara looks.

Tara awkwardly laughs and says that Ananya is the best in their family when Ananya comes there and says that she is nothing without the love and support of Tara.

Palash Chides Ananya

Palash stares at Ananya's transparent bra straps and tells her to hide those things as girls should keep themselves covered to avoid molestation and eve teasing.

Tara gives a weird look at Palash while he goes out to get his car while Ananya happily tells Tara how good a man Palash is and shows his overprotective side.

Later, Deva welcomes Tara to the puja and tells her that he is glad that she made it in time and did not arrive late as usual.

Tara tells Deva that she needs to talk about something to him which makes Deva curious and he forwards his ear in Tara's direction to let her say what she wants.

As Tara tells Deva about having the haveli for her sister's marriage, Deva laughs sarcastically and asks Tara how she can demand something so huge from him without an ounce of shame.

Deva ignores the conversation and starts the puja without giving Tara any answer after which the priest asks Deva to light up the havan.

Tara Recognizes Badshah

Tara is left shaking in fear as Deva brings the flaming torch to her and asks her to ignite the fire but the sight of fire makes Tara get flashbacks of the past.

Seeing Tara unable to hold the torch, Deva says that Tara is a coward and lights the havan himself after which the puja concludes.

After the priest asks Deva to spread the holy water everywhere, Deva calls Badshah and rides on him while singing the same tune as he did in his childhood.

Tara is shocked to see Badshah and hear the tune and comes after Deva to ask him how he got the horse and learned that tune.

Deva says that he found Badshah with luck and learned the tune as Basant Kaka told him that Badshah likes it.

Tara says that Badshah is the last memoir of someone and Deva tells her that she has failed to protect that memory.

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