Chand Jalne Laga 6th November 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 6th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Chand Jalne Laga 6th November 2023 episode starts with Soni and Sartaj waiting for Tara to return home with the good news when Tara enters the house and gets surprised to see Ananya, Soni, and Sartaj waiting for her.

Soni asks Tara how her conversation with Mr Malik went to which Tara replies that she talked to him but does not get the chance to complete her sentence.

A few musicians enter the house as they play the dhol with a happy tune and Mr Malik makes his entry as a knight in shining armour.

Soni and Sartaj are happy to see Mr Malik there and ask him what he has decided regarding the Haveli (palace) issue as they need it for some days to arrange the wedding.

Mr Malik stares at Tara making her nervous and passes a packet of sweets to the family members to congratulate them for the wedding.

With anticipation building up, Deva announces that he is ready to give the haveli to them for the wedding making everyone jump in joy as they get to conduct the functions as per the conditions of Palash's family.

Tara smiles seeing everyone happy and stares at Mr Malik as he tells Soni that he could afford to say no to their family.

Tara brings Mr Malik to a corner and thanks him for fulfilling such a big thing for her family which has made all their day instantly.

Mr Malik tells Tara that he has not agreed to give the property for free and wants the assurance that Tara will pay him back when the time comes.

As Deva asks Tara to swear on Vanraj and promise him this deal, Tara finds herself in a difficult position and hesitates to give her word.

However, Tara stops Mr Malik from taking back his decision and promises him that she will do anything he asks her to do in the future.

Soni and Sartaj talk to the Duggals and fix the marriage and haldi in the next two days after which Deva leaves the house.

Palash and his friends watch Ananya's photos and his friends tell him that Tara is far more beautiful than compared to Ananya which spikes Palash's interest.

Later at night, Ananya compliments Mr Malik for his generosity while Tara tells her that Mr Malik has bought Badshah and is taking care of him.

Tara spots Deva's childhood picture and stares out the window while remembering her memories spent with him while Deva sits by the fireside and plays the tune that he used to in the past.

Deva's subconscious appears and asks him why he does not look happy even after accomplishing his mission of making Tara suffer but Deva does not feel happy as Tara's crying face flashes in front of him.

The next day, everyone gets ready for the haldi function and Soni refuses to bring Vanraj to the function as he can cause a scene.

Palash and his friends eye Tara with bad stares as she looks after the decorations of the haveli and Palash approaches Tara as a friend.

Ananya comes and gets impressed as Palash compliments her beauty and Tara takes the rose given by Palash as Ananya has mehendi on her hands.

Deva calls Tara and tells her the long list of work she has to finish by that same day while he finds his heart pacing faster after seeing Tara in her haldi outfit.

Tara is left shocked to hear the long list of things and asks Mr Malik how she will be able to complete so much work in one day.

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