Chand Jalne Laga 7th November 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 7th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Chand Jalne Laga 7th November 2023 episode starts with Mr Malik giving Tara a heap of work for the day which leaves Tara speechless.

Tara tells Mr Malik that she is busy with the haldi function but Mr Malik does not look amazed to hear such a thing.

Deva tells Tara that the work should get done no matter what other things she has going on as he is not responsible for those things taking place at the same time.

Giving a special warning, Deva asks Tara to take special care of the fact that no spots or marks of mehendi should get on the papers that she is supposed to write.

Tara controls her anger and gets all the papers to carry out the duties but drinks the glass of juice that Deva is holding before heading out of there.

Ananya comes to the function as the bride and her eyes search for Tara everywhere as she is nowhere to be seen.

Tara is busy with the work given to her and talks to several men regarding the construction, remodelling, and painting to be done in the haveli.

As Tara continues to write the reports and notes in a room, Ananya comes there with some of her friends and asks Tara to come out to attend the function.

Tara tells Ananya that she is flooded with work while Ananya tries to put haldi on Tara whose marks get on the papers lying on the table.

Without noticing the haldi marks, Tara assembles the papers and goes out to attend the haldi ceremony.

Meanwhile, Deva comes to the beach with Badshah, asking him to wait for him as he needs to take a bath in the sea.

Deva goes into the sea after making Badshah stand at the beach when Palash and his friends come there and admire the huge haveli property.

They spot Badshah and start pulling onto the rope when Deva comes out of the sea and asks them not to touch Badshah anymore.

Deva tells Palash that Badshah does not like their touch while Palash asks him who he is to which he introduces himself as Mr Malik, the owner of the property.

Tara comes and puts Haldi on Ananya after which the girls drag her to the dance floor and she starts a dance performance.

Deva stops in his tracks as he spots Tara dancing and smiles unconsciously while Palash and his friends stare at Tara with bad intentions.

Tara pulls Palash into the dance floor so that he can dance with Ananya but Palash continues to eye Tara which Deva notices.

Deva feels his anger rising as he watches Palash checking out Tara after which he calls Tara and asks her to submit her work.

In the glasshouse, Tara gives the papers to Deva and he notices the haldi spot which makes him tear those pages.

Deva orders Tara to bring the old photos of the haveli from the store room which leaves Tara frustrated and she goes to the closed side of the house.

With spider webs and darkness, Tara struggles to open the door when Deva comes there and opens the door for her so that she can finish her work or else she cannot go home for that day.

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